The NLP Method That Reduces Stress Within 4 Minutes


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Life is full of highs and lows, even in the office. One day you’re rocking an awesome presentation, the other day you’re having a panic attack in the girl’s room. Maybe you found out that those awesome shoes are out of stock, or your ex suddenly found a gorgeous new girlfriend he took to Italy, or you’ve really messed up something big. The only thing you really want to do is scream and cry, but you’ve got to get yourself together. Well, this is how you do it.

Maybe you’ve heard about NLP? It’s Neuro Linguistic Programming and it basically teaches your mind a few tricks by setting up a new physical routine. This one is to calm you down by touching your own fingers and re-living happy memories. Make sure to find a quiet space and follow these steps:

STEP ONE: Emulate the OK emoji
First, you touch your index finger with your thumb. Just like the emoji that says ‘fine’. Make sure your fingers touch firmly while thinking about a moment you felt exhausted after a great work out. A moment you feel proud of. Maybe that time you crossed the finish line after your first 5K run (that’s my moment!), or that time when you finally scored a goal for your soccer team. Do you feel that tired, happy feeling? Breathe in a few times and really re-live that moment.

STEP TWO: Think of compliments
After that, make your thumb and middle finger touch. For this finger, we’re going back to a moment where you got a big compliment. Make sure it’s a strong one. Not the ‘nice dress’ kinda compliments, but the ones that truly matter to you. An important presentation you totally nailed and got applauded for. That moment you held a speech on your best friends wedding and were rocking it. We’re looking for those big moments. Again, try to re-live it as vividly as you can. Do you remember that proud, happy feeling? Breathe a few times, and then we’re on to the next.

STEP THREE: Feel loved
Make your thumb and ring finger touch, and think back to a moment when you felt super loved. It doesn’t have to be a romantic love, but it could also be from your brother, your best friend, your mom or grandma. There must be a moment where someone made you a grand gesture or did something super sweet. Re-live that moment while you breathe in and out for a few moments. And then we’re on to the last memory. An easy one.

STEP FOUR: Revisit beautiful places
For this finger, we’re going back to the most beautiful place you’ve ever been. Make sure your pinkie and thumb touch, and try to remember as many details as you can about your favorite place. Maybe it’s a beach in Hawaii, maybe it’s your grandmother’s kitchen or the opera. Try to feel at home there. Breathe in for a few more moments, and stay in that happy place.

After this, you’re probably feeling calm and happier! If you use this trick more often, the easier it gets to go to back to those happy memories, and the less time it takes. I hope you’ll find it useful!

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    What a lovely post – I really enjoyed reading this one!


  • Marianne

    Such great tips in this very important post! Made me a little happier just reading this :)

  • Stephanie Elizabeth Sibley

    I find this so interesting….i really want to try this but I’m actually having trouble thinking about examples to use…hmmmmmmm that says a lot

  • Hannah Lucy

    Aw this is so sweet, definitely going to try this out!

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    I love it! :) So easy, and ‘can-do’ just about anywhere! Thank yoU!

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    Thank you so much, need to try this out!