No Drama: 9 Tips To Manage Your PMS Like A Boss

Once a month PMS makes you moody,  aggressive and clear-eyed. PMS is a b*tch and can turn even the least b*tchy girl you know into a b*tch. We women have to deal with uncontrollable hormones the week before to the actual happening. Even though there’s no real “cure” for PMS, many treatments and lifestyle changes are available to help you cut down on the discomfort. Read on to find out how.

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Most women have about two weeks a month with minor emotional or physical interruptions. The other two weeks are crap. Sucks, right? Luckily, I have a handy list of 9 things you should avoid doing when you have PMS. Follow these rules, and you’ll have less stress and tears next month.

#1 – DON’T update your Facebook or Twitter status( or any other Social Media account)
If you find yourself posting things like: Who else hates the Kardashians? Or like if you think your jobs sucks, well then you might suffer from PMS and it might a good idea stay away from Facebook and Twitter for the next week.

#2- DON’T ask your boyfriend how you look
Really? Are you going to ask him this question? First of all, no matter what he says, he will be wrong. Secondly, honey, you have PMS. (You probably look and feel like crap)

#3 – DON’T break up
You didn’t listen to #2 did you? I wouldn’t be surprised if  a lot of relationships come to an end during the time that the girlfriend has PMS.  If you still feel the same way a week later, then go ahead and break up.

#4 – DON’T move
Really, you should just avoid all of the most stressful life events when you have PMS. Look at the calendar. Does your move line up with your worst time of the month? Move your move. Or else you will probably be dealing with #3.

#5- DON’T get a haircut
These types of decisions should be made during the middle weeks of your cycle. Or you could end up with a ridiculous haircut.

#6  -DON’T quit your job
Would you like to tell your boss where to shove it? You think you want to make a career switch? All that may be good and true. But don’t make an impulse decision during the week before your period. Wait 10 days. Take a deep breath. And then decide how you want to move forward.

#8 -DON’T tell your boyfriends’ mom how you really feel
In fact, if your relationship isn’t the best to start with, you might want to avoid her for this entire week. If you do decide to tell your mother-in-law that you HATE her new sofa during the week before your period – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

#7 – Don’t go shopping
Enough said.

#8. DON’T talk to your mother. Or your boyfriend. Or the neighbor.
Just take a week of silence. Everyone will be happier for it.

#9. DON’T overdose…
Cookies and chocolate milk (Trust me, it’s bad).

What did we miss?

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