No Fear False Lashes, How To Get Fuller Lashes Quicker!

The general consensus seems to be that false lashes are impossible to apply, nobody wants huge glamour model lashes that are half hanging off their eyelids on a night out, and nobody wants to deal with eyelash glue – the general stickiness of it, how you have to peel it off at the end of the day and how you can sometimes still find it in your real lashes hours after you’ve worn fake ones. But false lashes need not be a cause for concern and fear, you can master the application of natural and beautiful lashes in a couple of minutes and be ready to make your eyes pop! Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way to help you conquer your fear and rock those falsies!

#1 Brand
My personal favourite brand of eyelashes has to be Eylure, they’re probably the best quality lashes you can get and they’re 100% reusable so they’re perfect for multiple wears. The best thing for a first timer is the false lash starter kit, it’s perfect for practise and gives you all the tips to help you achieve beautiful eyes. They also have an extensive range of lashes so you can have some fun finding the ones that are perfect for you.

#2 Preparation
Before you apply your lashes, do your makeup as usual, including eyeshadow and applying mascara/curling your eyelashes. I recommend lining your lids after you apply the lashes because it’ll hide the seam, and especially if you’re feeling a little nervous with your lashes you don’t want to have a perfect eyeliner flick ruined by your inexpertise at applying lashes! Check that your lashes fit your eyelids, and don’t be afraid to trim if they don’t!

#3 Application
To apply your lashes you will need to brush glue over the seam, wait for a minute until the glue is a bit ‘tacky’ and then apply to your eyelid, just above your natural lash line. It seems simple enough but often times I cannot for the life of me get the lashes to adhere to my natural eye shape, so if that’s the issue do not be afraid to apply a little amount of glue to your actual eyelid in order to secure the lashes better, just be careful not to get any in  your eye! You can also use tweezers to pick up the lashes and apply onto your eyelid for a more secure and less fiddly grip. If you buy individual lashes, simply glue each segment and place between your lashes for added volume!

I hope this quick guide helped you to have the confidence to conquer those lashes girls! The most important thing about makeup is to wear it for yourself, so don’t try anything you aren’t truly comfortable with, and don’t worry if makeup isn’t really your thing, either!



  1. *sigh*
    I wish I could master this
    Will definitely give this one last try sometime soon


  2. I love Eylure lashes too! I’ve recently fallen in love with the 101 lashes from the volume range, so bloody beautiful!

  3. I’m horrible at applying falsies but I cannot live without my Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! It’s a life saver! I share all my beauty tricks on my blog :)

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