5 Genius Solutions For When You Have No Time To Cook



Where do people find the time to go food shopping? If you are like me, you find that in between finishing work and finally hitting the sack, there is not nearly enough time for yourself as you would like there to be. You come home, change, maybe have a shower then begin to think about dinner. The thought of cooking a gourmet meal doesn’t even cross your mind, but a quick 5-minute microwave meal, yes, please! Wouldn’t it be lovely to eat something fresh, nutritious and simple to make? Well, we have the found the solution to your no time to cook dinner after work worries:

1. Hello Fresh 

What it isHello Fresh is a subscription box service that will deliver farm fresh ingredients in handy packs with recipe cards every week. You can pick a box size for ingredients to serve up to 4 people, pick how many meals you want to receive and also schedule your week ahead. If like me, you never have time to cook anything, this will honestly save your life. Get it here.

What you get: With recipes from gnocchi to quesadillas, every week there is something to look forward to. Everything is provided down to the herbs and spices you need to complete the recipe. Trust me, you won’t be umming and ahhing about what to eat for dinner!

How much is it: $9.99/£4.07 per meal (based on a classic plan for 2 adults)

2. Farm to People

What is it: Farm To People is for people who aim to live a more healthier lifestyle, by going the extra mile to have only organic sourced food. The service is a curated farmers market from NYC to DC. Vegetarian, paleo, vegan and omnivore options are available, and you know you’ll get proper food with no added nasties. Get it here.

What you get: Recipes include kale pesto, steak with roasted carrots and good comforting food that’s also healthy and organic – you’ll be treated to new flavors and foods

How much is itFrom $59.90 a week (available in the US).


3. Simply Cook

What is it: Are you open to trying new food? Simply Cook serves 50 chef-inspired meals from all over the world. Each recipe takes only 15-20 minutes to create. So, not only are you eating a quick, healthy meal, you are also exploring different flavors, giving those taste buds a much-needed tingle. Get it here.

What you get: From delicious recipes like Mexican Pulled Chicken to a Thai Green Curry – you can go all around the world with Simply Cook, which is great for trying things you haven’t before.

How much is it: £8.99 for four delicious meals (available in the UK).

4. Prep Perfect

What is it: You can pick your favorite meals or even build them yourself. Then one of the Michelin, yes Michelin trained chefs will cook it. The company uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which are delivered straight to your door. What’s even better, is that you can order specific meal plans for different things. Including weight loss, maintenance or even muscle gain. This is ideal for those of us who can sometimes get home late after a long day. Get it here.

What you get: Locally sourced meals that are prepared by a Michelin star chef

How much is it: Ranging from £4/£6 a meal (available in the UK).

5. Balance box

What is it: You can choose between two meal plans, The Lighter Menu, which only allows 1200 calories for the day and a Market Menu, which allows 1800. So, if you’re looking to lose weight and keep track of your calories then get it here.

What you get: A personal, healthy food plan that has everything from a chocolate mouse to chicken lentil soup, which are low in calories and good to eat!

How much is it: Lighter Menu is from £19.99 and from £24.99 for the Market Menu (available in the UK).

Will you consider ordering a food box or meal to save you from cooking after work? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I think I’m gonna try Hello Fresh you know! These are cool ideas, didn’t know there were so many! Georgia xx

  2. Instead of these suggestions – that are far more costly than buying groceries yourself and cooking the food – take a day off and batch cook ahead. I have my deep freeze and the little freezer on the fridge full of meals or ingredients for this purpose. I cook one day a week and reheat meals the other days.

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