#NOEXCUSES Wake up and workout with this 10 minute routine

Deadlines, meetings, socialising with friends, the boyfriend or your pet. These are just a few of many schedule conflicts that keep you from fitting in your daily workout. It’s a common problem with an obvious yet seemingly impossible solution: Work out in the morning! We know, it’s so hard to get up when you could snooze for another hour! But becoming a morning exerciser is doable (even if you’ve never been a morning person). Follow one of these workout plans and you’ll soon wonder how you ever started your day any other way!

Keep reading to find out how to stop hating your alarm clock and start embracing your mornings!


1. Set Your Clothes Out The Night Before.
If you do this the night before, you’re basically telling your brain “Okay, I can’t just set these workout clothes out for nothing, guess I gotta put them on.” Another idea is to wear them for pajamas, but I feel like that would be incredibly uncomfortable. Also don’t forget to fill up your water bottle

2. Think About How You’re Going To Wake Up Early And Kick Ass.
This sounds like it won’t work, but I’m telling you, if you say it will happen, it will.

3. Make It Easy On Yourself.
Don’t be to hard on yourself. In the mornings, before I workout I’ll do yoga to stretch and get me energized. I find it easier that way, so I always make that a legitimate warm-up routine. After that, I’ll get out the door, or workout from home.

4. Play Uplifting Music In The Morning.
Have a getting-ready music playlist set to help you get through being tired and groggy.

Follow this routine,  let us know how you’re doing and don’t forget to leave a comment below!


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