4 Best Beauty Products At Our Desk This Week


You know us, we’re beauty addicts here at CGD, our favorite beauty products are the ones we can store in our desk drawers and parade around the office smugly. Here are our 4 favorites this week and why you need them…

Oskia Get Up And Glow

This opalescent lightweight serum is energising and perfect for perking up tired skin. It increases cell respiration and is packed with anti-age ingredients so it will brighten, firm, even skin tone and smooth fine lines. We love how it feels on our tired skin after staring at our laptops all day and sometimes even use it on our office makeup for a dewy desk to drinks look.

Barry M Mani Mask

We put our nails through a lot. From gel manicures to regular biting (I know, bad habits!) so sometimes they need a little pamper party of their own. These Mani Masks are the perfect nudes that also condition and protect your nails. We love them for restoring our nails to shiny conditioned glory and going with our office outfits perfectly.

Verso Skincare Day Cream

This day cream is soothing, moisturizing and protecting. It’s great for luminous skin and after regular use, your skin will feel fresher and younger. When we’re running to the office with no makeup on, this is the first staple of our day and lets our skin breathe.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum

Again this serum is perfect for reducing fine lines and improving elasticity. We really think that 20 somethings need a serum they can rely on especially if they live in a busy, polluted city. This beautiful bottle is our go-to for when our skin feels dry and tight as it increases hydration and protects the skin from environmental aggressors.


  • Diana Youn

    The Jurlique serum sounds like something I need right now!


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