Office Beauty The Right Way: The 5 Rules Of Office Makeup


If you’re working a nine-to-five job in the office, it is extremely important to look as polished, professional and put-together as possible. Here are 5 rules on how to achieve a flawless look for the office using makeup.

#1 – Show your true beauty
Makeup should be fun and highlight your true beauty. When you work in a corporate or conservative setting, ‘too-much’ eye makeup is not work appropriate. A dark smoky eye is an absolute no-go for everyday wear at the office. Avoid using colors like black, dark blue or anything glittery.

#2 -Keep your eyeliner subtle
If you love liner, but don’t want to look overly done, try tight lining.  Put the eyeliner pencil close to the lash line this will make the lashes look fuller.

#3 – Neutral, natural and nice
Use more subtle tones like plums, grays or browns to create a sophisticated daytime smoky look. Apply the darkest tone close to the lash line then blend upward toward the crease. You want to create a sunset effect. Then finish it off with a couple of coats of black mascara.

#4 – Keep it Simple
Make sure your makeup is waterproof and has low maintenance. It would be ideal to touchup’s (just in case for meetings outside the office) in 5 to 10 minutes, rather than 30 to 35 minutes.

#5 – Wear What You Love  
Never wear anything you are not confident in. Makeup should bring out our inner confidence. If you love bright shadows go for it, but be sure all colors suit your skin tone and complement your eye color.

What’s your go-to office makeup look?
 Let us  know!

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  • Jabeen Waheed

    Totally reading this from work! Love it :)

  • Vanessa

    I don’t wear any makeup at the office. I just couldn’t be bothered to slap it on in the morning – I’d rather stay in bed for an extra twenty minutes than get up to put my face on.

  • Samantha | Splendor and Forge

    Great tips! I usually wear the basics to work — light foundation, mascara, and blush. If I have a meeting or event, I’ll add some eyeliner (tight line) or a light neutral eyeshadow for some contrast. You want co-workers, supervisors, and clients to pay attention to you, not that smokey eye you’re trying out for Saturday night! ;)

  • MoreThanJustAPrettyFace

    I love this post! I usually wear minimal makeup, dap of eyeshadow & mascara. That’s it.

    MoreThanJustAPrettyFace ||

  • Eden

    Great tips, I love to keep it natural in the office.

  • Onyxsta

    Wish I’d read this post a lot earlier
    Had to learn the “subtlety is key” tip the hard way


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