How To Marie Kondo Your Office Space


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By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Marie Kondo and her life-changing advice. With her best-selling books, Kondo is telling us all to declutter, tidy up and only keep things in our lives that spark joy. So, how do this translate to your desk or office?

It’s really so simple. For all non-essential things follow these steps:

1.Question happiness 

Pick up an item and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy in me?” Marie Kondo believes it is extremely important to form bonds and connection to our objects. Anything that doesn’t bring happiness, is thanked and sent on their way to a better, more loving home.

2. Keep what you love

If the answer is “Yes” then keep the item. It has a home in your life. Pieces on your desk that make you smile, laugh or inspire you will help you to reach those deadlines far more quickly. A sentimental picture of a loved one, or a book that will motivate you to finish your tasks are great pieces. But if you have no feeling towards a piece, it is simply clutter!

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3. Time to relocate 

If you answered “No”, then it’s time to move on that item. But first, in the spirit of Marie Kondo, say “Thank you” to the item for the time it spent supporting you through your career. Then, if it’s still in perfect working order try to effortlessly find a new owner for it. Say you’ve got two iPhone chargers, one is your own and one was a gift. You’ll never really need two at the same time. So pass on that unused charger to that work colleague who’s always borrowing it. Not only will you be helping out a colleague (and winning brownie points) but also providing you with a clean space.

4. Repeat 

Repeat steps one to three for your entire desk, shelves, drawers, everything. Of course don’t factor in your computer, keyboard, important files etc to this equation – you’ll definitely need those! Instead, figure out a way you can store them on your desk that will spark joy. Got a load of files you constantly refer to? Next time you order something from Net-A-Porter, keep the black box and pop them in there. Or pick up a beautiful magazine holder and keep them there!

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5. Clean that slate!

Research shows that the average desk has 400x more bacteria than a toilet! Crazy right?! So get out some disinfectant and give that desk a clean! A dirty desk will never spark joy! Go ahead and clean everything from the shelves to the keyboard and mouse. This will give you unbelievable peace of mind.

6.Find the perfect place

Assign a place to all of those joy-sparking items. (Side note: and keep them there). Repeating a process forms habits. So make sure each of your joy-sparking desk items has their own designated place and every time you use them to make sure to put them back in their place. This way you’ll really never need to KonMari your desk again!

Make sure to tell us how you did Marie Kondo-ing your office. If it made your work environment any better!

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