Oil Pulling: The Natural Way To Whiter Teeth And Better Oral Health

There is a lot of fact and fiction surrounding oil pulling. Some say it is a myth while others believe it to be the solution to whiter teeth and greater gums. This ancient Ayurvedic practice became very popular in the ‘natural health circle’ and scientist say there are a lot of other health benefits as well.

When a friend told me about oil pulling, I immediately gave it a try. I heard about the benefits such as whiter teeth, clearer skin, detoxing your body and increased energy, I didn’t need more convincing. I bought pure coconut oil, you can use other natural oils (e.g. olive and sunflower oil) as well, and started my oil pulling sessions.

And I have to say I love it! I have been oil pulling for almost 10 months now and my gums and teeth have never felt healthier before. So yes, I am a fan of oil pulling and would recommend it to everyone.

If your are still skeptical, give it a try! You might have to find the right type of oil for you, but it is definitely worth it.

4 steps to oil pulling:

#1 – It is best to do oil pulling on an empty stomach or 3 hours after a meal. I do it every day, but twice or three times a week is already very helpful.

#2 – Put a table spoon of the oil of choice in your mouth. Don’t swallow or gargle it and keep it in your mouth for 15/20 minutes. Swish the oil around so it covers every bit in your mouth.

#3 – After the 15/20 minutes spit out the oil in your toilet. If you use coconut oil
like me, the substance should be creamy white because of all the bacteria in it.

#4 – Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth and tongue afterward to complete your session.