OMG! This Woman Has Started A Truly Inspiring 100 Day Challenge!

For Michelle Poler, everything was a threat. When she was a child she was afraid of dogs and the dentist and when she got older her fears held her back from parties, people and new foods. She constantly weighed up the risk and decided that something bad might happen if she put herself out there, but when she moved to New York City to do her master’s degree she decided enough was enough.

100 days without fear

In New York, there’s a lot to be scared of, from the bustling pavements to the noisy bars, and Michelle felt totally out of control most of the time.

When she had to do a 100-day creative project as part of her studies, she decided to take control of her life and face her fears.

Her fears were getting in the way of her enjoyment of the city and her new experiences, so she decided to see what would happen if she conquered as many fears as she could.

Some of them, like drinking or petting animals, seem easy to conquer, but others like skydiving or quitting her job are things that most of us are afraid of. Some people, like Michelle, are constantly plagued by fear, they have to weigh up the risk when leaving the house and find it hard to enjoy their lives. Michelle is inspiring them to share their stories with her and take life a little at a time to conquer their anxiety and have fun!

Check out more about the fears Michelle has faced on her blog, there’s even a handy emoji meter so we can tell exactly how she felt before, during and after the experiences she’s ticked off her fear list.

Can I get a free hug now??? Tomorrow I’ll be jumping of a plane facing my biggest fear so far #notlookingforwardtoit #wishmeluck #seriously #FreeHugs #ineedahug #100dayswithoutfear Any advice????

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Would you ever try to face your fears? I’m thinking about writing my fears down in one big journal and trying to tick them off in the course of my life! Let us know your biggest fears in the comments below!

  1. This is such a great idea! I love how she decided not to let fear conquer her.

    Emily | Always Emily

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