The One Exercise That Could Make You Smarter And Improve Your Memory




Running, as much as it is a cause, is also a powerful remedy. Running helps you confront your barriers and discover new opportunities for growth and improvement, whilst taking the time to cure yourself physically and mentally. And more than that? It can actually make you smarter.

I first started running when I moved to Seville. The streets were wide and open, the weather was sunny, and wherever I went I could always see far older runners who were beating me to a pulp. This was good. This was exactly what I needed.

I soon started running a few times a week, and every time I did it, I got better. Not only did I get better at running, but I felt better. About me. About my journey. About my ability to take on challenges.

Running is a mental sport. It isn’t just about the destination, it’s how you get there. Running makes you think about all the small decisions twice: How many times will you take a break? Will you make an excuse not to go on your next run because you’re feeling lazy? And when you have a bad run, will you pick yourself up and power through?

Studies have also shown that running can make you a smarter, better-rounded person. After a run, the protein cathepsin B is released in our brains. This particular protein is known for spurring the production and generation of new brain cells (and in my book, new brain cells- just like new shoes- can only be a good thing).

So running makes us smarter. It also increases our ability to remember things accurately over time.  It is reported that better performance on complex recall tasks, such as drawing from memory, is correlated with increased cathepsin B levels. And after only four months of exercising consistently (come on now, think about how much time you spent watching Gossip Girl in 2007!), we get to experience these incredible memory-boosting results!

The clear solution? Get out of bed. Get yourself to a shop. Buy some gorgeous (and supportive) running shoes. Run. Repeat. You won’t be disappointed.

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  • Camille Beygui

    I really wish I like running ! But I think I need to start doing it nevertheless

    • Starla

      I think walking with short wind sprints is really good. You trick your body into being ready for ‘fight or flight’ (the old brain stem part of us knows we could be killed by a predator so needs to stay fit). I think running and jogging feels good for the mind, but puts way to much stress on our joints. I would do some intervals to stay healthier, but we are really designed for walking – with the occasional need to run from a predator. :)

  • Alina Ermilova

    I haven’t got to running yet, but I’ve been working out about 5 times a week for 2,5 years and it did wonders to my mental health!


  • dreamofadventures

    I started running a few years ago and love it! I had not idea how good it was though =o)

  • Katheryn

    Not the biggest fan of running, but fast walking is pretty great.

  • Hannah Lucy

    I agree, running makes such a difference to your well being!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Genevive Ngo

    I started running and it has honestly been such a good stress reliever!!

    xx Genevive

  • Silje

    I just got back from a run an hour ago so this was definitely a read that makes me feel very good!


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