In life, there ARE shortcuts. Despite what you might have heard, it’s possible to make things easier for yourself and the people around you. To actually get ahead, you need to know how to get things done without breaking a sweat.

The life hacks you need to make life easier, to make everything you do faster, to get ahead in life and just for once TO HAVE SOME TIME TO YOURSELF!

Most good life hacks are discovered by accident, they’re stumbled upon one day and shared amongst friends.

The BEST life hacks don’t take much forward planning and can be done in one hour! Ready? Don’t forget to share your own life hacks in the comments below.

1. Carry a planner with you EVERYWHERE

Successful people know the beauty of taking notes. They make lists upon lists, and they know that sometimes you need to carry your life around in physical format. Richard Branson is a firm believer in notebooks, as is Sheryl Sandberg. If you haven’t already made your life easier, do it now and get yourself a planner or notebook. The Getting Stuff Done planner is a daily planner with sections for your self-care, water intake, exercise, meals, and daily plan! It’s the perfect life hack that only takes a minute to add to your life!

2. Turn off your notifications during work

Email notifications, WhatsApp notifications, the lot. Go to the settings of your phone and disable push notifications. You will have a much less distracted workday if you’re not constantly getting updates that so-and-so liked your photo.

3. Reduce the choices you need to make

Too many choices mean TOO MANY DECISIONS. Which means too much hard work for your brain. You need to give yourself an easy life by stopping yourself from making too many choices and simplify your life.

You can do this by preparing your lunches for work ahead of time, choosing a set amount of clothes you want to take to work with you, and organizing and de-cluttering your space.

4. Ask others for advice

It takes one minute but asking your friends, co-workers, or even your boss for advice about any subject can open you up to a whole new perspective you hadn’t considered yet. This is a good way to develop as a person and try new things.

5. Fall asleep faster

With a busy, stressful life, sleep can be hard to come by. Instead of fretting over it, simply blink and stretch for a minute before bed. You can also do other bedtime hacks like spritzing your pillow with lavender before you go to sleep. These little things make SUCH a difference.

6. Eat fewer grains

Crazy as it sounds, grains are the cause of a lot of things like bloating and weight gain. Cutting them out and only allowing yourself one grain day a week takes literally a minute and will change your whole life! Follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish.


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Featured photo: Diletta Bonaiuti