The One Smart Thing You Need To Add To Your Diet Right Now

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Spotted in the hands of celebrities and successful women alike, kombucha is the foodie trend that’s boasting some serious staying power. From boosting mental clarity to keeping colds at bay, kombucha is a true health hero.

If you’re thinking about improving your diet and detoxing your body, try adding kombucha to your diet. Made from fermented tea, kombucha tastes somewhere between apple cider vinegar and champagne, but it also has a ton of health benefits! Here’s why you should add it to your detox routine this year…

#1 Boosts weight loss

We know it’s important to be savvy with new trending health drinks. Always stay clear of dangerous skinny-teas by checking the ingredients – your body deserves to be treated, not punished. Kombucha is a natural health drink that helps to encourage a healthy weight by increasing your metabolism and suppressing naughty cravings.

#2 Banishes colds

If it wasn’t already hard enough to shun Netflix and make the trek to the gym during the short winter days, a red nose is the last strike. Poor health, chilly weather, and unhealthy eating habits over Christmas can put our fitness goals behind – not the start to the new year we have on our vision board! Kombucha fights the common cold and boosts your immune system meaning you are able to stick to your fitness routine and master your busy life!

#3 Heals your body

Kombucha helps your body heal itself naturally by removing harmful substances, promoting balance, and being rich in vitamins, enzymes, and acids. Nearly every cell in our body relies on bacteria, and when the balance is off, we can suffer cravings, food sensitivities, bloating, and skin issues. Kombucha’s probiotic content (good bacteria) battles all of these, leaving you feeling and looking your best.

#4 Clears up acne

Kombucha can clear up acne or blemishes and has also been said to encourage hair growth. When applied directly, kombucha acts as an astringent – balancing oily skin. Wraps of kombucha tea are even believed to help with eczema. Kombucha helps with your mind, mood, and energy.

#5 Improves focus

Kombucha can also help with mental clarity, mood stability and energy levels.  As a plant-based derivate, kombucha balances the body, benefiting you from head to toe rather than a specific organ or system. The drink’s minerals and vitamins content help your body revitalize in a natural way.


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  • dreamofadventures

    Awesome to read! I just tried Kombucha last week after my yoga class and loved it! =o) Thanks for sharing

  • Areli Enriquez

    Kombucha is so good and I love the added benefits!

  • Shelby @ The Fernweh Wolf

    I loveeee Kombucha it’s weird when you first start drinking it but then you get addicted :P
    The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Carolina Calpurnia

    I haven´t heard of it so thanks for sharing !!

    Carolina ;)

  • Camilla Official

    I heard of this from a friend recently but I didn’t know about the health benefits. Will try it for acne!

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