The One Thing That Can Make Or Break Any New Business


”If I only had 2 dollars left, I would spend 1 dollar on PR”

is one of the famous quotes by Bill Gates.

Every successful business person understands how crucial PR is for any type of business. It is about what people say about you, relationship management and it can literally make or break your company.

Sarah Roberts-Bowman is the Queen of PR. As the former Head of Corporate Communications at BT and over 17 years of PR experience in different industries, she is now course leader of the Masters in PR at the University of the Arts in London.

She knows how good PR is done, how to get your name out there and how to ”save” your business when a crisis hits. So we just had to find out the secrets behind successful PR, which is why we’re happy to announce that she will be giving the masterclass on ”How To Get Your Name Out There” during the Career Girl Academy on the 27th of November (4 weeks YAY!).

So what will you learn from her?


Why you need an effective PR strategy.

A lot of girls know what PR is thanks to Samantha Jones in SATC, but how do you actually build an effective PR Strategy and why do you need one? Sarah will share the stepping stones to creating your ultimate PR strategy by yourself. You’ll get all the insider info that you need to actually sell what you need to.




How to manage your reputation.

Reputation management is another crucial part of PR. What are people saying about you and what is the overall feeling about your company? PR is the tool to influence, build and maintain your reputation. If you don’t have a business in mind, PR is crucial for blogging or job-hunting too. If your reputation online (or offline) is struggling, Sarah will help you figure out how to manage what’s out there and create a good impression.


What to do when a crisis hits.

It takes years to build up a good reputation as a company and only 1 second to ruin it. A crisis can always happen and the most important thing is how you deal with it. There are tons of examples or how not to behave when in crisis, but how is good crisis management actually being done?

If you want to learn how to be Olivia Pope, Sarah’s got you covered. She will teach you hot to keep your cool when there’s a crisis at hand, but also how to deal with a damaged reputation and make sure it never happens to you!


So are you ready to get savvy about selling? If you grabbed a ticket before they were gone, Sarah’s masterclass will teach you everything you need to know!


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  • Fernweh Society

    This is so true! Doesn’t really matter how great your blog, product, or service is – if no one knows about it or worse if people have heard something bad you’re screwed! PR is key!

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