The One Thing You Should Do Every Day To Be Happy


See ya later negativity! We only have room for positive vibes in here. Try this one thing every day if you want to be happy

According to Robert Emmons, the world famous author of Thanks!, “gratefulness is knowing awareness that we are the recipients of goodness”. Basically, Emmons is saying we should recognize the good in what we have. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? But in a world where we’re constantly busy, we are all guilty of not taking enough time to reflect on the goodness in our lives. It’s easy to express gratitude for the momentous occasions, but then we overlook the little things in life. Here are our tips to start cherishing what you have:

Remember your manners:

When you’re a child, you’re taught the importance of saying thank you. But, do we really use it as much as we should? Showing kindness to others and noticing all the things you should be thankful for is the perfect start to gratitude. Here’s to good health and the weekend!

Dish out the compliments:

Gratitude comes from appreciation. How often do you walk past another girl and think how cute her shoes are, or wonder what amazing color she has on her nails? Next time, tell her, because don’t we all love a compliment? You’ll find it to recognize what you appreciate and someone else will also feel appreciated too.

Cut the complaints:

Here’s a challenge: don’t complain for the next week. It will probably be harder than you anticipate and you might be shocked at the amount of time you waste on negative vibes. Here’s how to remove negativity from your life for good!

Create a gratitude journal:

Once you realize how many things there are to be grateful for, it’s easy to let some slip your mind. Before bed, take 5 minutes just note down all the good stuff that happened. You might just surprise yourself! Did you know a simple notebook can instantly boost your productivity?

Focus on the ordinary:

Receiving a bunch of roses from a loved one is obviously something to be grateful for, but in reality, there are plenty of everyday things to appreciate, too. Being cooked dinner or asked about your day might not seem like much, but it’s a sign someone cares.

Remember everything is a lesson:

Think about your struggles: that bad breakup or rejection from your dream job. Don’t dwell on what you lost, there is potential to see the good in everything. Ask yourself what you learned from your experience and it will become much easier to feel grateful. Want more tips to start winning at life? We have you sorted, here!

Photo: Imogene + Willie