The One Thing That Stops Women From Being Successful


On occasion I find myself needing an inspiring pep talk. This could be when I am getting into the shower, driving to work, or even winding down for the night.

Most recently I found myself listening to the “Reshma Saujani: Teach girls bravery, not perfection” TED Talk. I think we’ve talked about this one before, but once I started listening I loved it. I think it’s the perfect TED talk to listen to with 2017 approaching.

A couple of minutes in, Reshma states: Most girls are taught to avoid risk and failure. We’re taught to smile pretty, play it safe, get all A’s. Boys, on the other hand, are taught to play rough, swing high, crawl to the top of the monkey bars and then just jump off head first. And by the time they’re adults, whether they’re negotiating a raise or even asking someone out on a date, they’re habituated to take risk after risk. They’re rewarded for it” 



Fun fact about me: in grade school, I was at the top of my grade for our physical training test. I outdid almost every boy in my grade, and some in higher grades when it came to timed push-ups and sit-ups. I was more active than many of the boys too. While I was proud of myself for those accomplishments, I had a lot of my female peers think it was strange. Soon, I quit trying on our physical tests so that I could fit in. Now I can hardly do one push-up.

We all try to be perfect, and fit in wherever we can, and stop being brave and pushing our boundaries, and it can hinder our success!

This TED Talk resounded with me on so many levels. I give up quicker than I should – especially when it comes to my career. In fact, just recently I was thinking about a career change.

After listening to this TED Talk, I realized that somewhere along the line I forgot what it is to be brave. We need to start remembering what it is to be brave. To put ourselves out there and show our full potential.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post. My blog readers told me that I’m a brave individual but I never knew that showing my full potential in every thing that I do is already an act of bravery. I’ll be braver next year! Good luck on your career change and merry Christmas! Advance happy new year! :)

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

  2. Thanks for this inspiring post. I am hoping to do a lot more ballzy stuff in 2017. I should really start watching ted talks my friends keeps telling me to watch them ?

  3. Such a great TED talk and I loved your commentary, you’re right we need to be braver and told we can be braver

    – Natalie

  4. Thank you so much Natalie! It is so important that we learn to be brave and put ourselves out there. Especially when it comes to our lives and our careers ♥

  5. Thank you Mariama! I have just recently started listening to TED talks and I love them and am so glad that I started. Each talk has great information!

  6. Thank you Augustin! That is so wonderful that you are brave ♥ I’ve found that not very many people that I’ve met personally are willing to show their full potential because they are afraid of coming off the wrong way or be judged. I am excited to hear that you plan on being even more brave! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!

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