The One Trick Every Go -Getter Swears By



The start of the year is always a really motivating time, we set our goals, have New Year’s resolutions and feel on top of the world!

The year starts off with so much promise! But two or three weeks into the year, we are back to old habits and the long list of goals ends up somewhere at the bottom of a drawer!

What are your goals for next year? Are you trying to manage your money? Give up a bad habit? Get in shape? Start a business? Climb the career ladder? Get serious about a hobby? We want you to actually achieve those goals!

After our first sold out event in November, and thanks to many requests for a follow-up, we’re launching our second exclusive event on the 29th January. This event is going to be the first step to making next year your most successful year yet. We’ll be teaching you how to think like a go-getter to stick to your New Year’s resolutions and any goal you set yourself!

What do go-getters have in common?

It’s all about goals!

Forget what you know about boring goal setting, after our talk, you’ll be able to actually stick to the goals you set yourself and be realistic about what you want. We’ll also share why go-getters get ahead, and what sets them apart from everybody else. Are you ready to think like a go-getter?

What do go-getters do differently?

We’ll teach you how to actually get shit done and make the most of the next year. It’s all about changing your mindset!


Go-getters in action

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You’ll leave the event with the toolkit you need to achieve absolutely everything and be the go-getter you’ve always wanted to be, with examples from the lives of super successful women, and Career Girl Daily to show you what works and why!


Wait there’s more…

As well as all that goodness, you’ll also get a goodie bag worth over £100 with everything you need to kick 2017 in the butt. Find the entire line-up here. Early bird tickets are available here.


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  • Holly

    Really cool! Just made my bff come with me!!! Can’t wait😁😁😁

  • Jessica Wen

    Setting goals is really important, but so is sticking to them. In the first week of 2017, I’ve got a free motivational goal-setting course coming out, so please feel free to drop by my blog so you can be the first to get it!

  • Diana Isabel Mayora

    Hello, I’m from Panamá! I’m so excited about this conference. I think this is the best idea because we need to give the importance that not only setting goals, but making them a reality deserves. And, more important, getting them in a efficient and enjoyable way. Because everyone can write what they want in a paper but making it come true is a lot harder than it looks. Believe me, that’s why I’m going. I’m sharing this post with everyone I know so more cultures can get together and make this event richer and beautiful. Btw: thank you for doing this :)

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