This One Trick Could Stop You From Overeating


There’s nothing wrong with being a foodie. Appreciating what gets put in front of you is a great trait, and enjoying flavors of other cultures is another one. However, it’s sometimes hard to know when to stop eating. I know I always overeat, and I need to listen to my body more often.

With summer coming up, those fad diets are exploding all over my newsfeed, and I hate them. So this year I had a look into the healthier ways to get in shape. I still eat the same but I’m trying to stick to a running schedule. After my first run, I thought I was dying, but my stomach and leg muscles actually ache a little – which means I’ve started to build them!

I was looking into scientific and healthy ways to get in shape when I found out that the way we eat could alter the way we retain weight. According to Brandon Nguyen, co-founder of the healthy-living website, ChillPill, a simple way to stop is to feed yourself with your non-dominant hand.

I know, you might look weird but according to Brandon, the reason it works is that “it takes more time to eat, which gives your stomach a chance to signal your brain that you’re full.” There’s science to back it up too. Weird.

The research showed that participants in a study fed themselves 30% less when eating with their non-dominant hand. Which is a good thing if you regularly stuff yourself like I do.

I also learned to wait 20 minutes between dinner and pudding, drink lemon water with dinner (somehow it really helps when trying to find out if you’re dehydrated or hungry!) and to put a napkin on my plate when I know I’ve eaten enough. Would you ever try eating with your non-dominant hand? Do you think overeating is a problem?


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