5 Genius Online Courses That Will Boost Your Career

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Getting your dream job is no easy feat. You need to step it up and do better, again and again. If it’s a promotion you’re after, you need to identify weaknesses in the company and improve them. If you’re trying to get hired, you need to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd.

It’s not going to be an easy road, but it shouldn’t be a difficult one either. It should be a joy to walk the path towards realizing your dreams. Every woman needs a set of skills in her arsenal, things that set her out from the crowd and make those dreams become a reality.

With Skillshare, you can identify the skills you need to get hired and start working on them right now, wherever you are. And Career Girl Daily readers can currently get 3 months of premium membership for $0.99 for a limited time. Take advantage of that now and check out these five career-boosting classes.



Be more productive


Start by learning how to manage your time better. Productivity Today: Managing Attention in the Digital Age is a great place to start. You’ll learn how to reach inbox zero, create manageable tasks and hold yourself accountable for them and how to stop getting yourself distracted. Perfect for getting some clarity at work and organizing yourself to reach your goals.


Nail your next presentation


Before your next presentation, try taking the class Presentation Essentials: How To Share Ideas That Inspire Action. Simon Sinek is known for his viral videos on management and marketing. He knows how to create ideas that inspire action, and he’ll teach you how to do it in this class.

Whatever your presentation topic, follow this class and impress your colleagues and managers.


Market yourself for your dream job


If you know how to brand yourself, you’ll be in a better position to reach out to the people that matter in your industry. You can impress them with your social media accounts, your knowledge of branding and your position as an ‘expert’ in whatever field you choose.

Start the Building Your Online Presence class and you’ll be able to audit all your accounts. Figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lie and work on making yourself look amazing on the internet. This is invaluable no matter whether you’re looking for a job or already have one.


Start thinking visually


One great skill you will always need is mind-mapping. Getting great ideas and communicating them in a visual way can help you share your vision better, make learning and studying easier and create a more unified, organized feeling to your notes.

Don’t worry if you’re not a creative type – the class Visual Thinking will help you put pen to paper and draw what you’re thinking, in an organized, clear way. You’ll learn the art of functional drawing, and how it can actually help you process great ideas. You’ll want to show this off next time you have a meeting.


Learn to send great emails


Last but not least, the class Getting Started with Email Marketing will teach you a skill you never knew you needed. Sending email newsletters with MailChimp is a great skill to use in business. You can impress people by showing them that you know just how email marketing works and how it can bring growth to your company.

You’ll learn the goals you need to set for yourself, how to build a strategy, and how to design beautiful emails to send off. You can also apply some of the skills from this class to your personal emails as well.

Any of these classes catch your eye? Don’t forget to sign up for Skillshare now to get your first three months of premium membership for just $0.99.



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