Oops! I overslept: Get Gorgeous In Just 10 Minutes

Love hitting your snooze button in the morning? Do you always end up being in a rush, no time for a decent breakfast and a quick visit to Starbucks for a dose of caffeine . Even if you have the best intentions to wake up early, make a huge breakfast, and get the day started right, if you’re anything like me, chances are you’ll end up hitting the snooze button a couple of time.

With this 10 minute make-up routine, you’ll create a flawless face within in ten minutes! Oh and don’t forget to check out or evening beauty tips, which will save you even more time in the morning.

0.00 – 1.00 minute: BYE-BYE DARK CIRCLES
Step 1: Use a concealer to apply a full-coverage liquid concealer under your eyes. Start at the inner corner and, use short, quick strokes, continue all the way to the outer corner, blending right up to your bottom lashes. Don’t forget to read our popular article about quick concealer tips we all should know.

1.00 – 3.00 minutes: FLAWLESS SKIN
Step 2: Rub two drops of foundation, CC cream or tinted moisturizer between your hands, then swipe your fingers on the apples of your cheeks, sides of your nose, and across your forehead and chin. Finger-pat to blend everything in.

3.00 – 4.00 minutes: ROSY CHEEKS
Step 3: Next,  use a peachy nude blush. It looks more natural than pink, on the apples of your cheeks and blend well.

4.00-5.00 minutes: KEEP IT NEUTRAL EYESHADOW
STEP 4: Dust a neutral eyeshadow on your lids to the crease, swooshing the brush like a windshield wiper to blend.


5.00-6.00 minutes: EYELINER
Step 5: Then, line along top lashes with brown (if you’re fair) or black pencil, gently pulling the skin taut at your eye’s outer corner to help make the line even. Bury the pencil tip right in your lashes–don’t draw above them, which leaves gaps.

6.00 – 7.00 minutes: PERFECT LASHES
Step 6: Put on a volumizing mascara, pulling the wand straight out in front of you and then up. This prevents lashes from drooping during the day.

7.00 – 8.00 minutes: KISSABLE LIPS
Step 7: Swipe on a light pink or berry red lipstick.

8.00 – 10.00 minutes: FILL IN THOSE BROWS
 STEP 8:Use a brow pencil one shade lighter than your brows (blondes, use a taupe shade), fill them in using feathery strokes, and angle the pencil so you’re drawing with the side of the tip. Finish with eyebrow gel to tame unruly brows


What is your morning routine? Let us know and shar.e your tips! Also, don’t forget to enter our amazing CHANEL giveaway


  1. Hi! I am Klara and I must say I used Stemologica. I think Stemologica skin cream can help to erase wrinkles and soft cells along with the stem cell infused lifting eye gel and even allows you to stimulate cellular regeneration when you rest with the nourishing night cream. In case you want to learn much more details read here.

  2. This was so me 3 months ago when I was a career lady with a busy life – but now I have a babygirl whos almost 3 months old and my beauty routine is all about moisturizers and skin care products to keep me looking youthful those sleepless nights! No more snooze button no more :( I love the products you featured though!

  3. You have a nice blog, but reading it on my phone is the most annoying thing ever, especially with a “share” button on the left. I can’t even read any of your articles because it’s in the freaking way.

  4. This is a really good list! I like how it’s sort of a list of things that you CAN do in 10 minutes, but alter it to your needs. My 10 minute routine before class is either BB cream or moisturizer mixed with foundation, a little concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, powder, blush (Mary Kay “Shy”), neutral creme eyeshadow (Mary Kay “Beach Blonde”) all over my lids and through my crease, mascara, and lip balm.

  5. This is basically my morning make-up routine. With two kids there’s no time to waste!
    Sometimes I skip the eyeshadow and eyeliner to save some extra time.

    Ine | blog.delika.eu

  6. If I have to run in the morning I either take my makeup with me and apply it on the way or put concealer, brows, bronzer/blush, powder and mascara at home :)
    Nice products!

  7. “Dust a neutral eyeshadow can make you look tired) on your lids to the crease, swooshing the brush like a windshield wiper to blend”

    What??! What makes you look tired?

  8. What is the advantage of putting your mascara on before your eyeshadow and eyeliner? I always put mascara on at the end of my eye routine.

  9. More important than eyeliner, and sworth trading for that– curling your eyelashes. This simple seconds-long step open up the eyes even without mascara, making you look wider awake, fresher, and more alert.

    I also swap out “neutral” shadow for skin-toned shadow. This makes my look as if I’m not wearing shadow, but have perfect skin on my eyelids. For me, that means finding a matte or satin shadow in Linen, or Cream; for others it might be closer to beige or another neutral anyway. As well, I swipe a soft line of this same non-color color onto my lower lashline, to hide any redness and make it look smoother– a subtle touch with a big pay-off.

  10. Amen to THAT! I can’t ever read this on my phone. and it always says there was an “error” which tks another 10 min. i tried reading this article in bed, and it may be the very reason i am late for work bc i had to get up and turn on my computer. oh well. always running behind is the story of my LIFE!

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