How To Organize Your Home When You Only Have 20 Minutes

photo: Suburban Bees

Organizing your home sounds like a mammoth task. Every room has its own set of rules, and if it seems like too much of a task, there are a few tricks to keep your home clean day by day without engaging in a mammoth clean-a-thon.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for organizing everything!

1. Organizing small things makes a huge difference

Start with something it only takes a few minutes to go through. You might choose your documents, incoming mail or even your belts, hats, and scarves. Create piles as you go, bin, keep, and charity if you’re sorting through clothes. If you only have a few minutes, get a box and put everything you never wear in it. Store it under the bed or in a cupboard, ready for when you have more time.

2. Create a box of items you never use but always see

Fill a box with things you always see around the house but never use. Put it away and forget about it. Later on, you can go through it and bin some things or be really ruthless and take it straight to a charity shop. I don’t think I could be so heartless, but it does make it easier to give things away if you know you haven’t used them for months.

3. Try the kindergarten technique 

Yes, it’s a little patronizing but we all forget this tip. Before you start something new, tidy everything away. Before you start cooking, clean the surfaces. If you’re working on a project tidy it up before you do something else. That old adage “I’ll do it later,” never comes true.


4. Invest in a metal basket

We can’t stress this enough. A metal basket in the rooms where most clutter occurs makes all the difference. You can simply collect that offensive clutter in the basket and deal with it at the weekend. Genius! Try this one from H&M.

5. Automate everything but mark it in your calendar

Automate as much as you can to avoid stress. If you know you’ll use it, you can even automate your groceries. Automate your bill payments and everything else, but just don’t forget about those automated payments and deliveries, mark them on a calendar and on your phone so you can keep track of them.

6. Do a speed elimination 

Instead of trying to do everything in one go, set your timer for those 20 minutes and do as much as you can in whatever room you’re in. Once the timer’s up, stop. If you finish before it runs out, move to a different room. The next time you have twenty minutes to spare, pick up where you left off!


How do you organize with no time to spare?

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