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Alex Light has had an industrious career. She’s obsessed with clothes and always wanted to have a career in fashion. During a year abroad at Uni, she used her internships to build her knowledge and never turned down any opportunity to do what she loved.

She managed to get an internship at Hugo Boss in Paris, and then at Diesel. Following her dreams, she applied for internships at every fashion magazine going, which led her to become a fashion and beauty writer at HELLO! in Madrid. After a year in the Spanish capital, she transferred back to London and became the online editor!

But that’s not all, she posted #ootds on Instagram and when she got an overwhelmingly positive response turned it into a fashion blog. What Alex Wears is her successful side project. Balancing the two is hard but her blog is more an outlet for her passion than it is a business. I had a chat with her about her blog and how she juggles everything.

I’ve always been into fashion
My parents were in the fashion industry so I grew up surrounded by clothes! I worked in Paris for Hugo Boss and Diesel and then started as a fashion writer with HELLO!. I opened an Instagram account and started posting #ootds for fun. People seemed to love them and it grew from there!

Juggling blogging with being an editor is tough
It means long nights, working weekends and I’m never totally ‘off’. Sometimes my boyfriend takes me out for dinner and makes me leave my phone at home – I become instantly calm and relaxed!

My blog in three words…
Fun, genuine and for everyone! Sorry, that was four words :/

My favorite part of blogging is…
Definitely experimenting with new outfits and playing around with all sorts of different clothes!

My wardrobe essentials are…
A leather jacket! It’s my ultimate. I wear one almost every day. I got this 5 euro one from a Paris vintage store nine years ago and nothing has ever come close to it since! I also love a big, baggy grey jumper…I think it strikes the perfect balance between comfortable and stylish.

When it comes to content I go for outfits that I love…
But also outfits that are easily recreate-able for readers. I think a fashion blogger should always be aware of that – it’s your job!

My skincare regime is really important…
I exfoliate once a week, which I think is very important to eliminate build up on the skin. I use Liz Earle hot polish cleanser and then moisturize with Erborian Bamboo Waterlock, it’s incredible. Finally, I swear by using SPF! I apply factor 50 to my face every day – I know my future self will thank me for it!

Putting my phone away is amazing…
I love nothing more than curling up on the couch in jogging bottoms with my boyfriend, watching films (usually thrillers!) and eating popcorn…without my phone! Being an online editor and a blogger, my phone is always glued to my hand, so it’s amazing to have a break!

The key to my success?
Being honest and relatable, I think! It’s important to show that you are normal and down to earth.

The best piece of advice I can give to any bloggers and Career Girls?
Be nice to absolutely everyone you meet! It means the world and you will be remembered for it. Also, be eager and do whatever you can, whenever you can! This will also get you noticed.

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