Over 100,000 People Commented On Her Face – She Made This Video In Response

YouTuber Em Ford is known for her beautiful makeup tutorials and pixie-like looks, but when she started sharing photographs of herself without makeup, the comments she received were far from positive.

Photo via @mypaleskinblog

Em Ford has recreated several amazing makeup looks in her time as a beauty blogger and YouTuber, and isn’t afraid to share photographs of her skin completely makeup free. Em believes that you should be comfortable with who you are and is trying to raise awareness for sufferers of acne all over the world by sharing with her followers the way her skin looks without make-up.

Unfortunately the comments she received were extremely personal and negative, but it didn’t bother Em, instead she collected these comments together and created a moving video to show the human impact of anonymous commenting on the internet.


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“One challenge many face today, is that as a society, we’re so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that It can be hard to remember the most important thing – You ARE beautiful.” Em shared comments that echo the way she feels from people all over the world talking about their struggles with acne and how they feel without makeup.

Watch the amazing video below of Em’s transformation using makeup and let us know how it made you feel:

  1. This is incredible and has such great meaning. In the last few days I have begun to realise how much we look at ‘beauty’. Instead of what you look like on the outside we should be considering what we are on the inside. Not only do I mean being healthy on the inside and feeding yourself things that benefit your body no matter what you look like or even if you ‘feel big’, but also think about things such as being a nice person, being kind hearted, being intelligent, having a great sense of humour.
    There’s more to life than what you look like on the outside, and I think we need to embrace ourselves as we are, work to better ourselves and not put ourselves or others down. The world needs more positivity, and this video reflects this.

    Thanks for sharing, by the way! :)

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  2. This is such a powerful video. I personally never feel comfortable taking photos or most days even leaving the house without make-up and it’s because of people like those leaving those comments that so many people feel as self conscious as I do. People leave hurtful comments and say horrible things usually because it brings them some sort of joy or makes them feel better to do it, but it’s an empty happiness and it won’t make their lives any better. Hopefully these people will watch this video and start making better decisions and realise that what they say has an impact and they are saying it to a real person with real feelings.

  3. I am so proud that she was strong enough to make this video and share it with hundreds of thousands. It sends a clear message that social media has made us believe that normal imperfections aren’t normal. Everyone has issues whether it be acne, weight gain, hair loss etc. It doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful. Beauty is more than what it appears. Why not look at her talent, her skill, her bravery? Why not point out all the things that make her Em Ford?! I just started watching her on YouTube but I’m definitely going to subscribe now.

  4. Some people really struggle with acne and i think it is really shitty to harass someone because of that, people are horrible and i hope the few of us that say positive things do eventally make a difference. When she want wearing makeup i didnt once think she was “ugly” or whatever . I would actually be interested in what gender makes the the most negative comments.

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