An Inspiring Speech By The Successful Lupita Nyong’o


She is modest, talented, funny and a gorgeous human being, Lupita Nyong’o. Since the movie ’12 Years A Slave’, she is loved by many!  


She became ”Glamour Woman Of The Year 2014”  and is involved in several women empowerment programmes worldwide. The Mexican-born and Kenyan raised went to the ‘Yale School of Drama’ and worked hard to achieve her dreams and goals. There is a lot that we can learn from the story of this Power Woman.  Her inspiring speech on achieving your goals and dreams, and overcoming fear is the ultimate Career Girl motivation and inspiration boost!


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Featured image: PRNewsFoto/Lancome Paris

  • Raquel

    Thank you for sharing this clip. She definitely spoke to me. A few lines that stuck out to me were: “be louder than my critic and faster than my worry….” Loved it.

  • Nyasha

    Wow one of the best and most personal speeches i’ve ever heard. It spoke to my situation and the point i am in my life. Thank you for sharing it CGD.


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