Overnight Beauty Tips To Get Your Glow Back For New Year’s Eve



Ready to party like it’s the end of 2016? Well, it will be, soon. Too soon for some of us. If you’re already worrying that you aren’t prepared for the big New Year’s Eve party, you don’t have to put hours of prep in – it can be done overnight with these overnight beauty tips.

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed so why not put them to good use and get our glow back ready for New Year’s Eve!


1. Get perfect skin and hair while you snooze 

Is it possible? Hell yes. All you need to do is upgrade your sleeping situation. If you’ve been considering buying a silk pillowcase, you really should, especially if you want to get your glow back in time for New Year’s Eve.

Why it works: The Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase is an eight-hour beauty treatment every single night. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts because the silk fibers keep skin’s moisture and let moisturizers and hair oils stay on your face and hair and not on the pillow! The pillowcase also helps your skin to be firm, soft, and wrinkle free. Available here.


2. Lengthen your lashes 

lashfood-phyto-medic-eyelash-enhancer-0-10-ozIn preparation for a party, there’s nothing better than naturally full, false-looking lashes. Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to falsies and let their own voluminous, full lashes speak for them? It’s possible, but it takes a little overnight prep to get those long, strong, beautiful eyelashes.

Why it works: Lashfood Eyelash Primer is a safe lash growth serum developed by cosmetic scientists. It makes lashes longer, thicker, stronger and healthier, for stunning lashes. Apply it at night like you would apply liquid eyeliner and let it absorb overnight for perfect eyelashes. Available here.


3. Use some rose water 


Rose water is hydrating and balancing, it’s the perfect bedside companion to spritz on your skin before you go to sleep. We already know it has a multitude of benefits so you just need to get the right product that contains it.

Why it works: Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist conditions the complexion and can be used before your moisturizer, as it prepares your skin for product absorption. Rose oil hydrates and softens the skin. It’s uplifting aromatherapy qualities will give you a nice, cozy feeling before bed, too. Available here.


4. Apply your moisturizer cold 

Putting your moisturizer in the fridge in the evening lets it get cold enough to apply on your face, this is how you get de-puffed, perfect skin by the time you wake up, it’s cooling and refreshing too.

Why it works: Putting moisturizer in the fridge helps slow down the oxidation process and keep it fresh, but a cold product also soothes de-puffs and refreshes skin. For this tip to work you need a potent moisturizer like Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. This is the perfect cream to get a little cold because it has hydrating and youth-promoting ingredients to transform your skin in an instant. Available here.


5. Nourish your hair overnight


If you want to wake up with gorgeous flowing hair, you need a hair oil that isn’t too heavy and won’t leave you waking up with greasy or oily hair that’s too weighed down. Applying a hair oil while you sleep gives you time to wake up with dry, gorgeous hair.

Why it works: A dry oil spray like NUXE Huile Prodigieuse is for your face, body, and hair. Spritzing a few sprays through your hair before sleeping will have you waking up with supple, glossy hair full of volume thanks to the plant oils and vitamin E. Available here.

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    I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of silk pillow cases. I need to get one and try it out for myself!
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