Best Night Ever! 5 Fun NYE Party Ideas


Who doesn’t love New Year’s Eve? I love it, but I often feel like because it’s such a special day, it’s also a party which is difficult to organize. In case you’re running out of ideas to make your NYE special this year, I’ve got something for you!

#1 Make it a color party!

If you’re getting tired of the usual themed parties, make it a color party: Choose a color and not only choose your decorations according to this color but also ask your guests to choose their clothing according to this color. This works great with colors such as silver or gold!

#2 Bring your own appetizer!

Ask each guest to bring his own appetizer – or even better: Ask each guest to bring an appetizer which says something about them. This is an interesting way of getting to know your guests and their fave foods, plus you don’t have to feed everybody. Phew.

#3 Let your guests write predictions for the new year for one another!

Have small pieces of paper with the names of your guests prepared and give one piece of paper to every guest. Then, he or she has to write on the back of the paper what he or she thinks will happen to the person whose name is on the paper.

#4 Decorate the space with candles!

Especially for a party such as NYE that just keeps getting better in the night, it’s great to dim the lights and decorate the space with lots of candles. Check out Urban Outfitters for the best party decorations

#5 Let your guests bring music!

To avoid your guests being unsatisfied with your choice of music, let them bring CDs or connect their cell phones to your device. Having shared playlists on Spotify takes a lot of the worry out of making sure everyone’s happy with their music choices.

Featured photo: Urban Outfitters by Tyler Thomas

  • Scout

    Seven? There’s only five. And they’re numbered incorrectly as well.

  • Camille Beygui

    Love these ideas but if you decorate your whole house with candles I suggest not becoming wild, or it might not end up really well


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