5 Things You Need To Put On Your Christmas Wishlist Right Now

If you’re super organized, you’ve already noticed the gifting section of your favorite stores, allocated a budget and done an internet search for Christmas gifts 2017. It’s not always about buying now, sometimes it’s about budgeting and planning ahead – particularly if you have a long list of people to buy gifts for.

Everybody has a super organized friend or family member that’s tough to buy for. They’re the kind of girl who doesn’t appreciate things that create mess and like to have everything in order. You might even recognize yourself in that, in which case, take some inspiration from this list for your own Christmas wishlist because these are the ultimate gifts for perfectionists.

1. For the girl who loves to take care of herself

Luna 2 available here

If she’s super organized she’s probably not a big fan of messy looking bottles and makeup wipes clogging up her bathroom surfaces. The Luna 2 by FOREO is the perfect gift to give (or put on the top of your wishlist) because it’s eye-catching and it really works. It’s a cleansing device that blows any other cleanser out of the water. It can transform your favorite cleanser into magic for your skin, just with the click of a button.

I’ve loved it for years and will be gifting it to the few friends I haven’t already converted. You only have to read the reviews to know that this device is worth giving (and receiving) because it’s life changing! Buy it here.

2. For the girl who likes to plan her life

The Getting Things Done Planner available here. 

If you (or your loved ones) love to plan everything out, you’ll love the Getting Things Done planner. Not only is it pretty thanks to its beautiful pink vegan leather cover and subtle red foil details, it’s pretty smart too. One side of the page is lined so you can fill in everything from meeting notes to ideas and doodles.

The other side of the page is really a planning-addicts dream, you can fill out your daily meals, shopping lists, exercise, the amount of water you’ve had, personal notes and so much more. You’ll finally be able to get your life together. Buy it here.

3.For the girl who loves her TV shows

Amazon Fire Stick available here 

We were obsessed with this when we played with it. The fire stick plugs into any TV or computer and basically transforms it into a smart tv. You can finally watch Real Housewives from the bedroom, rent movies from your office computer, and won’t miss your favorite shows again.

The best thing about this fire stick is its simplicity, an organization junkie will appreciate how minimalistic it is – no bulky TV boxes or complicated wires, plus it can be voice activated – which makes it a real winner! Buy it here.


4. For the house-proud girl

Ellia Dream Essential Oil Diffuser available here

We all know someone who loves her home to be minimalistic and pretty. The Ellia Dream Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect gift to upgrade any house. It looks super expensive, fits in with any decor and changes color and can diffuse scented oils for up to 12 hours, so your house will always smell incredible. It delivers more mist than conventional diffusers and looks so chic. Buy it here.

5. For the technology-obsessed

Google Home available here.

The Google Home is the perfect gift for a tech-obsessed girl, so if you’re really into your devices put this one on your wishlist too. You’ll be able to ask your new personal life assistant questions about plane tickets if you’ve decided you want to get away, win any argument by getting it to list facts for you and prove people wrong and so many more useful things.
The Google Home device is getting smarter all the time, so it will be able to make calls and pair with other Bluetooth devices as well as remind you of appointments and tell you what the weather is going to be like before you leave the house. It’s the perfect addition to any smart home, plus it’s incredibly good looking – which helps. Buy it here.

Are any of these things on your wishlist?


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  1. I want everything! Also some good suggestions for techy people i know so thank you! Has anyone tried the Luna – I really want one? xX

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