The Perfect Etsy Gifts For Your Girlfriends This Christmas

We are all feeling the stress of Christmas shopping, we’re busy career girls and hardly have any time to ourselves so when are we going to start shopping for our friends and family?

Thank goodness for online shopping! We’ve had a little look on the treasure trove that is Etsy and found some really amazing gifts that nobody else will be getting this year! Take your pick of these 10 perfect Etsy gifts for your girlfriends and let us know what you’ll be getting your girls this Christmas!


1. Throw Pillow Cover – Black Confetti Sprinkles by VanillaGreyShop
2. Lariat Necklace – Citrine In Gold by kristinelily
3. Alana Fine Art Print by ParimaCreativeStudio
4. Slow Drop Wall Hanging by JLBandCo
5. Constellations A5 Notebook With Lines Pages by Nikkistrange
6. Hope 8 Hand Colored Clutch Bag by DDSSLGirlsStore
7. Panda Brooch Black & White Geometric Pin by SketchInc
8. Rose Gold Marble Phone Case by CRCases
9. Small Porcelain Ring Dish by karoART
10. Gold Personalized Necklace With Crystal by christopherjamesuk

#1 Throw Pillow Cover by VanillaGreyShop

This cute, chic throw pillow is perfect for all the girls in your life who like fun home decor. Don’t underestimate the black and white design, accented against faux fur throws and gold detailing it could be the chic item you need!

#2 Lariat Citrine In Gold Necklace by kristinelily

For the besties in your life, this beautiful citrine necklace is perfect (you could even put it on your own wishlist, we won’t judge!) it’s 24k gold plated with natural trillion cut gemstone, it’s quite long and would look amazing for a New Year’s party paired with a little black dress!

#3 Alana Fine Art Print by ParimaCreativeStudio

This fine art print is another great gift for the girl who loves decorating or has just got her own place! ParimaCreativeStudio does a variety of amazing abstract art prints that look amazing framed or hanging on the wall. You can even enquire about purchasing the original painting if you prefer to!

#4 Slow Drop Wall Hanging by JLBandCo

It’s not often we fall in love with something that you have to hang on your wall. But this amazing marble effect wall hanging reminds us of the phases of the moon and looks amazing on a wall. It could be just what your friend needs to decorate their University dorm room!

#5 Constellations A5 Notebook With Lines by Nikkistrange

This notebook is perfect for your daydreamer friend with her head in the clouds, maybe she’s a blogger or a writer, or maybe she just loves sparkles! Either way, it’s the perfect gift for everyone who loves collecting beautiful notebooks and scribbling away in them.

#6 Hope 8 Hand Colored Clutch Bag by DDSSLGirlsStore

If you have a friend who’s after a new IT bag, this will set them apart from the crowd. This hand colored cotton and leather detailed fold over clutch bag is super cute and will definitely win them some compliments!

#7 Panda Brooch Geometric Black & White Geometric Pin by SketchInc

This panda brooch is perfect for your quirky friends who want a statement to add to their outfits, it’s also great for little sisters and panda enthusiasts!

#8 Rose Gold Marble Phone Case by CRCases

This phone case is the ideal gift for every phone addict, you can buy it for a variety of iPhones plus the Samsung Galaxy series, it’s super chic and tough so will help protect their precious phone from any slips and falls!

#9 Small Porcelain Ring Dish by karoART

This porcelain ring dish is both stylish and practical. If your friend has a lot of jewelry and nowhere to store it, she needs this beautiful hand made ring dish. You can choose a variety of designs decorated with 24k gold.

#10 Gold Personalized Necklace With Crystal By christopherjamesuk

This is a perfect present for anyone who’d love to have some names etched into a stylish necklace dangling around their neck. You can be sweet and get your siblings names etched onto it (along with yours) and give it to a family member, be sentimental and get your friend’s kids names put on it for her, or get your squad’s names etched onto it and give it to a girlfriend who’s moving away. That way they’ll always carry you around with them!

Would you consider getting any of these for your girlfriends this Christmas? I think I’m definitely looking into the personalized necklace (and buying the wall drop for myself!)


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  • Beckie Eschle

    Lovely gift ideas – will be bookmarking this post! x

  • Hannah Lucy

    Beautiful picks! Love the phone case!

  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great selection ! I wanna get these for myself


  • Alissia Haggard

    Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Madeleine Burke

    Such fantastic finds! Love a good etsy hunt! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • Selene

    Thank you for this ideas. I love almost everything from etsy.
    The phone case is gorgeous ♥.♥

  • Pear Phongsawad

    I’m obsessed with Etsy! Love your selections and will take in consideration when gift shopping :)



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