Perfect Netflix shows every career girl should watch!

Netflix is our life here at CGD, but sometimes it’s hard to make heads or tails of the large library of shows and decide what you actually want to watch! Too much choice can be as bad as too little, with so many shows to choose from it’s hard to tell what you ‘fancy’ watching! But since there are so many gems on Netflix, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of our favourite shows – and some you’ve probably not come across before too! Read on to see our list of perfect shows for every career girl’s lazy Sundays or after work wind-downs!

(9/10 IMDB)
netflix friends

What can we say about Friends that hasn’t already been said? A real classic series that can be watched again and again, my parents watched it when I was a child and now it’s gone full circle, with our generation appreciating Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey more than ever. Stick on an episode of Friends if you’re looking to laugh, cry (maybe) and reflect on how times have changed (not much)!

(8.6/10 IMDB)
netflix community

A delightfully funny show about a lawyer forced to go back to school when his degree is revoked. Trying to impress a pretty girl, he invents a fake study group which surprisingly ends up bringing together an unlikely group of people. Oh, and it stars Donald Glover! (Childish Gambino anyone?)

Parks and Recreation (US)
(8.6/10  IMDB)
netflix parks and recreation

Although only available in the US, this is a must-watch hilarious show that details the struggles that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) faces when trying to boost her career by helping a local nurse build a community park. You’ve probably seen a hundred funny gifs of this show, as it has a five-star comedy cast featuring Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) and hunky Chris Pratt!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
(8.6/10 IMDB)
netflix unbreakable kimmy shmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt made its debut on Netflix just two days ago to rapturous applause and amazing reviews. Created by everybody’s favourite funny lady Tina Fey, it’s a feel-good comedy that follows Kimmy, a 29 year old who’d been holed up underground as part of a doomsday cult for fifteen years but after being rescued has to adjust to everyday life in New York City. Kimmy is sweet, naive and just a touch mad and this series is sure to be a hit!

(8.5/10 IMDB)
netflix homeland

When Sgt Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) returns from eight nightmarish years in captivity in Iraq, he gets a hero’s welcome. Nobody questions his presence or what exactly had happened for the years he was missing except gifted but unpredictable CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). She believes Brody is working for the enemy, and is determined to uncover exactly what he’s been doing for fifteen years in Iraq. What follows is a gripping game of cat and mouse, some explosive sexual chemistry and a major threat to America’s national security!

Orange Is the New Black
(8.5/10 IMDB)

netflix orange

When PR executive Piper Chapman’s past catches up with her the worst possible outcome happens and she lands herself in a minimum security women’s prison in Connecticut. Based on a true story, Piper is forced to leave behind a life of luxury with her good career and doting fiance and adjust to life behind bars, making friends (and enemies) with the many other women she’s forced to live with. A sweet, funny and sometimes raunchy show that captures the humanity of women behind bars perfectly and details the little happinesses they find along the way.

The Good Wife 
(8.3/10 IMDB)
netflix the good wife

Alicia Florrick had been a doting wife and mother for 13 years. Like many women of her age she gave up her career for her husband and their two children. When her politician husband is jailed following a notorious political corruption and sex scandal, Alicia has no choice but to shake off the persona of embarrassed wife and prove that she is more than just a ‘good wife’, she is fiercely independent, strong and intelligent and will do what it takes to rise through the ranks and regain control of her life!

The Killing 
(8.2/10 IMDB)
netflix the killing

Based on a popular Danish TV series, The Killing is a moody detective drama that follows Detective Sarah Linden as she unfolds the mystery of who killed young Rosie Larsen. Throughout this she is paired with Detective Stephen Holder, a reckless detective who often clashes with Sarah throughout the series. Their chemistry is convincing though, and the pair pull together and start to unravel the whole story, if you’re looking for a gripping, thrilling and dark murder-mystery The Killing is for you!

(8.1/10 IMDB)
netflix damages

High-powered attorney Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) has been a mother figure to her granddaughter for a long time, until her son Michael decides to sue her for custody of his child. It turns out that this simple lawsuit could destroy her career, as her protege Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) agrees to be a character witness for Michael at the trial. Patty then must do all she can to prevent Ellen from taking to the stand, even introducing her to a high profile client for her own law firm, for fear that Ellen will reveal her secrets.

Scandal (US)
(8/10 IMDB)
netflix scandal

Olivia Pope is ready to move on from her life as a former media relations consultant to the president, and opens up her own crisis-management firm to help people with unwinnable cases or damaged reputations, but she has trouble escaping her past. Her team are an unlikely bunch of incredible people with unique skills and talents, and while they are professionals at cleaning up other people’s messes, they can’t seem to do the same for their own. Olivia is everything we want to be and more, flawed but strong and not afraid of her own weaknesses, her character is expertly portrayed by Kerry Washington making this an extremely watchable drama.

New Girl (US)
(7.8/10 IMDB)
netflix new girl

When Jess (Zooey Deschanel) walks in on her boyfriend with someone else, she knows it’s time to move out, so she takes up the offer to move in with three single guys. Nick is a funny but grumpy disastrous underachiever, Schmidt is a well-groomed clean freak oozing self-confidence with a sensitive soul, while Winston is an ex small time basketball player who becomes uniquely weird and funny as the show progresses. With Jess’s best friend Cece and later, the return of their old friend Coach, they become a hilarious, quirky and dysfunctional family that pick each other up through life’s trials and tribulations.

The Mindy Project (US)
(7.4/10 IMDB)
netflix mindy project

The Mindy Project is a spectacular comedy following successful doctor Mindy Lahiri’s (Mindy Kaling) quest to become a more well-rounded woman. She wants to rid herself of everything she considers a bad habit, including watching romantic comedies and being drunk at weddings. Although she’s trying to become a better person, she still ends up in bed with her self-obsessed colleague Jeremy and relies on her unlikely group of colleagues and friends to help her balance her personal and professional life.

Ugly Betty 
(6.5/10 IMDB)
netflix ugly betty

Ugly Betty has become a cult classic now, the show follows hapless Betty Suarez’s (America Ferrera) struggle to be a respected writer. When she’s employed for high fashion magazine Mode by publishing mogul Bradford Meade as he knows his son, and the CEO of Mode, Daniel will never sleep with her. Betty is smart, compassionate and hardworking but has an eccentric sense of style which often makes her the butt of many jokes at Mode. As part of her struggle to be taken seriously, she teaches Daniel and the others around her valuable lessons about judging people and ends up learning about herself and her own morals at the same time.

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  1. I was going to put Gossip Girl in there but I thought that was a given haha! (Also my list was getting longer and longer so I had to cut some out!) :) xx

  2. It’s a great choice of shows and a super helpful source, as it is not always easy to find “THE NEXT SERIES” to watch ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. To me Friends is definitely the best show ever!!!

  4. I’d also recommend Gilmore Girls. After all, Lorelai’s business success is a really nice example for us career girls. ;)

    I’ve recently heard about Kimmy Schmidt. Might have to check that out sooner rather than later.


  5. I will definitely have to back you on Parks and Recs + Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ( I’ve already finished the whole first season!) – but I can’t really get behind Friends. Please don’t judge, I’ve tried to like it, I really have but it irritates me.

  6. Love this post because I’m addicted to Netflix… Community is one of the best shows I’ve seen its perfect for easy watching and so glad someone else appreciates Donald Glover (Childish Gambimo) as much as I do!!

    Aimee x

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