How To Perform The Ultimate Brain Dump

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You’re just minding your own business, chilling on your vacay, far away from adult responsibilities. Living the dream, relaxing by the pool with a mojito. Then your brain pokes you and tells you that you need to mow the lawn when you get home that’s now grown into a mini Amazon rainforest, reply to 100s of emails and sort out everything for going back to work next week.

I know that you definitely shouldn’t be worrying about those things whilst enjoying that well-earned break, but your brain is your brain, and it can be a bit of a dick sometimes.

The panicky feeling you get when you know you have so many tasks to complete, you just don’t know where to start. Then there’s the whole ‘not enough hours in the day’ situation.

What if I told you there’s this neat little trick to unload your scrambled brains? Well, there’s this popular technique that everyone is now trying called a brain dump! Think of it as clearing your mental desk….

First, grab a pen and paper
I guess any piece of paper will do, but you could always make an awesome brain dump journal! Spend some time, it could even take an hour or so if you have a lot on your mind. It’s a good idea to spend 10 minutes in the morning so you feel productive and motivated for the day and 10 minutes at night, so you can sleep better.

Write down anything from ‘buy more milk’ and ‘mow the lawn’ to bigger things like ‘finish my blog post’ or ‘reply to important email from so and so’. It should feel like a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders because your brain no longer needs to store it. Your brain freaks out and feels stressed when it caches too many to-do lists that end up uncompleted.

Organize your notes
Arrange your notes into things you should prioritize, catagorize them into new lists. It’s best to first focus on 10 small things that need to be done immediately. Put ticks next to the things that are totally out of your control, because you certainly shouldn’t be worrying about them. It’s also great to look at monthly goals to achieve as it will keep you focused and motivated.

Time to let go
Now that your brain has let off some steam and unloaded all its to-dos and worries, it’s important to stop thinking about them. Rely on the paper for all your tasks and goals, give your brain a rest for it to think of some more stuff for you do another brain dump!

It’s great for control freaks (like me) to just let go of mental control of everything. I give myself headaches sometimes going through everything I need to do over and over in my mind!

Will you be trying the brain dump technique?

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  1. I need to relax a lot more than I do. I just started a bullet journal. Think I may create a morning brain dump for each day :)

    Amy |

  2. I’ve been including brain dumps in my bullet journal but I never thought of what time of the day to do them.. I would think that that really matters! I’m going to start doing the 10 min morning/night thing and see if that helps me de-compress. Thanks for the post!

    Gitana | Books & Bellinis | Instagram

  3. Oh yes I have been doing a similar thing. I use different coloured highlighters to distinguish between the tasks. When I am done writing, I take a picture with my phone and send that to my mailbox. Then after a day or two I take my paper and I burn the list or tear it up in tiny little pieces and throw those away. So liberating!

  4. Brain dump…how clever…hahaha! Still much better than brain fog, I’m sure!! Love this post.
    xx Alexis

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