A Perfume That Will Smell Great On Anyone And Everyone

Around this time of year, fragrance gifts are popular. But people are so particular about their scents, some of my friends like fruity fragrances, others like gourmand and androgynous scents. I can’t keep track of their preferences, which is why I always turn to one particular perfume.


credit: The File


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01. In the office, we all think it smells different. Strangely, it smells like the scent we’d usually prefer, some say it’s less woody and more fruity, others say it’s powdery. The truth is, of course, it’s a unisex fragrance with a single note: the magnetic Iso E Super aroma-molecule. A mouthful to say, but it’s a sandalwood scent with pheromone-like qualities.

This could explain why we all smell something different, and also, why it smells different on everybody who tries it. People describe the scent as velvety, comforting and smooth. Which is what you want this time of the year, really. The perfumer who created it, Geza Schoen, said: “I wanted to create something unconventional, not too perfumistic, something for my friends who said they didn’t like fragrance.”

Which means, it’s the perfect gift to give (and receive!). Escentric Molecules Limited Edition Fragrance is available here.


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