10 Quick Tips For Looking Good In Every Photo


We know, more than most how important Instagram is for building your brand. Especially, if you yourself are your brand. That’s why it’s important to get it right – and get it right straight away. Because the impressions you leave may be the ones that stay. And for some, the belief that they’re not photogenic adds more pressure to the mix.

But you don’t have to be a model to take the perfect shot, or even increase your following. People fall in love with the person and as long as you display that in your photos, you’ll be onto a winner. And trust us, we know the pains in taking an Instagram ready photo – especially when it’s a selfie. But it’s not impossible.

Just take all these amazing influencers, for example. You see how their feeds grow and expand and get better over time, that’s because they’re aware of the trends and aware of how they should adapt to these. They’ve learned how to do it, and now so can you. Because, in all honesty, being a content creator isn’t easy. But it’s about to become a lot easier with these tips:


#1 Find Your Light Hun

Taking the perfect photo is all about finding your light. And if you’ve binged watched ANTM as much as we have you’ll know how catching the right light can do wonders for your photos! But if it’s not exactly your forte, there are amazing extras that you can buy to make sure you’ve got the right light wherever you go! Check out the LuMee case here.

Extra Tip: If you’re going to be taking photos with intense lighting on your face use a translucent powder to make sure you’re covered!



#2 Know Your Angles

If there’s anyone who knows her angles it’s Kim K! And in order to find your best side, you’re going to have to take a long look at yourself in the mirror. Or even take a look through all your selfies and see which ones work best. Here, practice really does make perfect. Take Kylie Jenner for example, who takes hundreds of photos before she chooses the right one.

Extra Tip: Try the famous angling of your head down to eradicate those extra chins. To take this to next level, take your photos from above to achieve the best perspective. And for the all-around perfect shot, focus on the waist up.



#3 Do It Like Tyra And Smize

Ever since Tyra taught us this life-changing trick we’ve been taking our selfies and photos to the next level by only using our eyes. It’s not just looking flatly into the camera, it’s all about the squint and the emotion behind your eyes. And you don’t have to be a model to work it. Because once you’ve mastered this, you’re on your way to creating the perfect shot.


#4 Focus On The Details

It is actually super important to make eye contact with the camera. Wherever you are in the room, you need to make sure your eyes connect. This is especially important when you want to sell a product. Customers will engage with you more if you look right at them. So, remember to look into the lens and not at yourself!


#5 Fix It Later

If you stop and look at every photo you take then trust us, you’ll be wasting your time. When you do shoots, we know that it’s important to look at the photos as you’re going along to see what needs to change. But that person can’t be you as you will obsess over every flaw. And whilst you’ll want to make it perfect there are certain things you can easily fix afterward when you come to your editing stage. Good editing tools to use are VSCO, Facetune, and SnapSneed!



#6 Lead With Your Hair

Take a look at some of the celebs and influencers that you admire. And nine times of out of ten we bet that you notice their hair. It may not be the main focus of your photo but it can help it make you appear more photogenic. Because who doesn’t love good hair? So make sure your hair is on point otherwise there will be something that’s just off!


#7 Pick Your Setting

People will like your photos more due to its setting. They’ll get a sense of place and instantly build a connection with you, because you’ll be sparking something familiar to them, or some goal they aspire to. That’s why you’ll notice some of your favorite influencers who pose in the same spots and areas. People really like lifestyle content, and that reflects in your photos too. For some inspiration on setting you should take a look at @queenofjetlags, @isabellath, and @fashionfriction!



#8 Be In The Moment

However, it’s really important that you react to the moment. Not all of your photos should be planned and scheduled. You should have some that are just in the moment. And this will show transparency to your followers and connect with them more on a personal basis. Like I said, it’s personality that people fall in love with and that’s what you need to convey, whatever it is… Usually, the best photos are taken when you’re not even aware, so play around that.



#9 Always Have Your Props

Yet again, look to your influencers for this. You’ll be quite surprised at the number of times those coffee cups they hold are empty! In order to make your photo interesting, you need to include props and this will help you pull off that lifestyle content. Good props to include at the moment are coffee cups, newspapers, handbags (of course) and food (pizza especially).



#10 Give This Old Trick A Try

Smiling is actually the best way to take a photo. But we get it, there’s rarely everyone who likes to smile with their mouth open. But try the old Hollywood trick of smiling but with your tongue sitting behind your teeth. This will make your smile look not only perfect but more natural too!



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  1. Thanks for the tips! They’re all spot on! Definitely need to figure out my better angle!

  2. All such great, common sense tips that will help me with my instagram photography. Thanks!

  3. Love these tips! I find it so hard to take photos, definitely going to keep these tips in mind!


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