How To Plan Like A Successful #Careergirl

The concept of an entrepreneur has definitely changed. Back in the day, it seemed to be reserved only for people with stashes of cash and connections, but these days anyone can start a business and actually most of the conversations we’ve had with entrepreneurs shows that you don’t even need a business background to become one. It’s more about your mindset these days. So, read our article on 5 steps to take before you start your own business and try to plan like an entrepreneur!

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Missions are not impossible

A great entrepreneur acts purposely and with vision and is always on a mission – to save the world, make millions, seek corporate freedom, just to name a few. So what is your end goal? To finish a work assignment by the end of the week, to be promoted within 12 months, or to turn heads with a rock solid bikini body by summer? Never start anything without having an end goal/mission.

Turn your mindset inside out

The way entrepreneurs are said to think is called the entrepreneurial mindset. As an entrepreneur myself, I have a saying “if you think small, you receive small”. Therefore, if you want to leverage the results of your tasks, change your mindset to larger outcomes. Don’t just plan for your next apartment down payment, save and plan for your future home purchase. See the difference? Read about managing your money here so you can make those big goals happen.

Be flexible

Making plans for near or far futures can be scary for some. Entrepreneurs not only learn to change, they have to prepare for all the things that could get thrown in their way. One of the best books I have ever read is Deepak Chopra’s, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The Law of Intention and Desire, states (in summary) although you must know where you are going in order to arrive there (set desires and intentions/plans), you must also be open to change and recognize when things don’t go as planned there is a reason. Everybody has a book that changed their life, check out our list of books for being inspired and find your next favorite.

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  1. i still have to work on being flexible, it can be frustrating when things aren’t going to plan but change and reorganizing definitely get you back on track.

    thanks for the tips!

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