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If you’re a genuine, busy Career Girl then you’ll know that holidays are few and far between. Marking up your calendar on your wall with ‘holiday’; of course all in capital letters, a trillion exclamation marks and surrounded with random doodles of suns and ice-creams. Well I do anyway, I always have coloured pens at the ready.

Counting down the days till you jet off and leave all your troubles far, far behind, you then need to start planning your perfect holiday. You want it to be amazing, you want it to be memorable and you want it to be blip-free. Definitely no dodgy, evening spoiling restaurants.

From treating yourself like a princess and gaining access to the airport’s VIP lounge, to finding all the hidden little gems that will make your holiday just a bit more extra special.

We have you covered with these super useful tools that you may or may not have already heard about. Plan your holiday like a boss!


Pearls = the hidden gems we all need to know about. You can be a really nice person and leave your own pearls and create your own tourist guide using this app for others to find, or you can check out the pearls that others have left for you.

Whether you’re keen on visiting a quirky Parisian cat café, want to dine somewhere in London with only the best views or are dying to sample to best fish and chips at a seaside town in England somewhere – well, you can find it all here thanks to avid travellers and locals!

Lounge Pass

Why not start your trip in luxury and style? Once you make it through stressful airport security in one piece all you want to do is relaaaax. Treat yourself by booking a place and gaining access to the VIP lounge at your chosen airports. Put your feet up for a while, grab a glass of champers, catch up on your favorite book; or grab a bit of shut eye, as long as you don’t miss your flight!

Lo & Sons O.M.G Bag

This overnight bag will make you change the way you travel. And you will love it, maybe almost as much we do.

First of all, it has lots of zips and pockets. So you have space for all the different things you might be bringing with you. Your headphones, passport, laptop, chargers, and makeup can all go in different sections. Which makes it easier for you to find things. I love how it even has a separate zipper compartment to put your shoes in, which let’s face it, is essential. When you go through security you can put your shoes in there. And during the flight when you want to be comfortable, you can safely store them there.

There’s so so many other reasons why we love this bag, we even done a whole article dedicated to it. It’s pretty special.


Only selecting the best boutique hotels, this app makes it even easier to find the hotel of your dreams, and for the best price. I know what you’re thinking, there’s so many other apps on the market that do the same thing. Wrong!

This app lets you set a budget, search for the boutique hotel of your dreams, and then if you’re not happy with the price, a member of the Stayful team will haggle with the hotel for you to get a cheeky discount. Result!

Packing Pro

If you want to plan a holiday like a pro, you also need to pack like a pro. If you forget something important, then mostly likely you’ll end up paying through the nose for it elsewhere – that’s if you can even find what you’re searching for in a country that doesn’t speak your language! This will result in you immediately being demoted from travel pro, to travel noob.

This snazzy app crafts a packing list for you, based on where you’re going, who with and for how long. It divides the list into categories (e.g. essentials, clothes and gadgets) and logs items in terms of weight and value. The “expert list assistant” will help you navigate your packing according to details as specific as food preparation and clothes washing preferences.

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