How To Plan Your Week According To Your Zodiac Sign


This week, Career Girl Daily is helping you plan your week better. However, this time it’s not with tips for success but with your zodiac horoscope prediction. We’ve got your career predictions to give you a heads up for what’s to come and how you should plan your week around it! Are you ready to have a good week? Well see what’s in store for you:


So, Aries, the past week has been quite some week for you! You may have found yourself being the problem solver. But don’t fret, this was needed from you. Some of the other people involved might not have been in their best frame of mind. Remember Aries, this is what you’re good at as you’re a natural-born leader. So you can rally everyone into the direction they need to go.

You’ll be going into next week having solved almost everything successfully! And even when it felt tough, know that you made such an impression on others. There will be some who hold resentment over you, remember that these people do not hold any power over you. And the people you impress might just reach out to you this week with appreciation and an opportunity. So be open to that.

What you need to do for the week ahead Aries, is to be exactly yourself. You are fearless and a very driven, ambitious sign. So, use your full potential. Know that the dust has not settled yet with altercations. But keep your calm and react low-key because I can tell you it will all work out fine in the end.



Last week might have been a very productive and satisfying week for you Taurus. And this week has the potential to be even more so. But right now you have a lot on your plate, and whilst you may be thriving, be careful. Let yourself feel enthused about all your projects. Because you’re smashing it and you should definitely be looking forward to next week. It’s all about success for you.

Early in the week expect to meet someone new, who will help you towards one of your challenging projects. You should stay in contact with them. Because they will help you make essential contact in the future!

Whilst this may be a good week for you Taurus, by the weekend you’ll be feeling a little stressed. But be sure to keep your hope and hold on to it. You are practical and reliable and there’s a reason why people put their faith in you. But be calm this week if you encounter a problem, otherwise, it will be so much worse.




Last week was all about business and pleasure for you Gemini. And next week this duality will begin to bear fruit for you. Someone you know is about to introduce you to someone who will bring a very positive change to your career. But Gemini, in order for this to work out, you need to be on your best behavior. You are very smart, and very well informed. But as you’re prone to fast-changing moods you need to improve on being more consistent.

So, with this new connection think before you speak and be careful what you say and do!

Tuesday brings good things for you also Gemini. You will be given an opportunity that in future could bring you a lot of success. But this won’t happen straight away, you need to be patient as there will be a few problems that need to be smoothed over.

By the weekend you’re going to be exhausted, so relax, because you’ll need it. The end of your work week will be challenging. As there will be a problematic situation that needs your attention. But, remember to remain patient Gemini. Because trust me, your patience won’t go unnoticed.



An opportunity is going to come to you out of the blue this week and it will put a smile on your face. But, as always Cancer, you’re a little on the cautious side. You can be quite protective, and that’s OK, but do not worry about this opportunity – if it doesn’t work out, then that’s OK too.

Don’t live in the past, as you know it may not have worked out before but that says nothing for your future. But have hope, because the stars say that this is a special opportunity for you. It may not be the storm you were wishing for – but sometimes things start small before they get big.

Whilst you can be quite conservative, home-loving and a little shy at times. This will not stop you from having a sense of adventure. And an adventure is coming for you, but this week reminds you to be a little more patient. Instead, you need to socialize with an old friend this week, which will bring good, good things to you!



You are such an ambitious individual and known as the king of the jungle for a reason. You’ve recently gone through a few life changes, which might have been hard at first, but are getting better now. And this week Leo, an old friend is going to be on your mind. This person isn’t all bad news, they can be quite good for you as they are your intellectual match so keep the vibe going. And see what happens!

Problems will emerge mid-week. Your family will need your impressive skills to reach out to a younger relative so you can be the voice of reason. Your voice will be heard Leo and all will calm down and be resolved.

And by the end of the week, you’ll be given the opportunity to do something you usually wouldn’t. So, remember Leo, you’re not the cowardly lion, but the king of the jungle. So don’t put it off, otherwise, you will never do it! And the weekend? It’s all about romance!



Last week you may have found yourself in the spotlight, and you enjoyed it a lot more than you expected. So, let it shine on you Virgo because you deserve it! Let this experience inspire you to do the same this week and you will receive the same treatment. In order for this to happen, keep your ears open for opportunities. If you have a wonderful idea then present it, because you’ll never know if you never try.

This means Virgo, that now is THE time to start new projects that you feel passionate about! And don’t apologize for those ideas, even if they seem a little out of this world! Because it is this innovative thinking that will take you further than you could ever have dreamed.

When it comes to the weekend, it’s all work I’m afraid. But it will be rewarding. As you will find yourself having the opportunity to network. Which will give you a great chance of expanding your business. But this can also turn into a warm, rewarding friendship! You’re killing it so keep it up!



Last week might have been a little boring for you Libra. But trust me, this week is about to make up for it and change all that in a massive way!

Not only will work-life be busy but your personal life will receive a lot of social opportunities. And whilst you may not be able to say yes to every invitation you should choose wisely.

By doing this you’ll be filling your week with fun, good conversation and inspiring moments.

Be wary of Wednesday, because you’ll find that tiredness is beginning to catch up with you. And you need to take this seriously.

While you may be upping your social calendar you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Otherwise, the week won’t go so well for you. There is a lot of work to do in the days and even the weeks ahead, so trust me, you’ll want to be at your best.



Be careful Scorpio, someone is coming your way who is going to try and get under your skin this week. Well, this might be how you choose to see it. Whilst sometimes you can be quite volatile, you need to try and see this person differently. They are trying to get closer to you, but they don’t know how. Change the way you see this person and everything will begin to change.

This week Scorpio, you need to work on your approach and change your expectations. You may be surprised at what this can do for you. Not only your relationships but your career. You may actually learn some things about yourself that’s surprising too.

There are going to be a lot of people who need your help this week. And whilst you would love to help usually, this week you have too much on your own plate to start taking on other people’s tasks. So, be careful who you say yes to you and try where you can and this will lift your spirits.




Sagittarius, where do I start? This week, you deserve some time to be problem-free and even carefree. Trust us, we know that you can be a major workaholic when you have the potential to make your life feel more secure. In recent weeks this has made you work harder than ever before. But be careful, because you are close to burning out Sagittarius.

You need to be good to yourself. And if you don’t make this happen you won’t be giving yourself the balance you need.
The more you become more aware of your needs, physical and psychological the better you will feel.

This week there will be a big focus on taking your personal life back from someone who is draining it. Whilst you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, now is the time to put yourself first.

If you have done all the above, by the end of the week you will begin to feel much better, stronger and more inspired than you have felt in a while. And that can only be a good thing for you and for those who love you too.



Right now, you may be feeling good about recently making some strong and wise choices (go you)! And from the very first day of this week, it’s that good feeling that will motivate and carry you through the week. Your next step is to take this feeling and use it empower you. Work towards those big goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year.

There is so much you can do this year to create a better future for yourself. And when you are your best (which is now) you should use this time to get started! Sometimes, you might find yourself thinking about what you work hard for. And what you are not appreciated for. But behold, this pat on the back is coming your way this week. It may be late, but accept it and believe in the timing of everything.

This will open yourself up to expand your talents, and this will be noticed! Not only will you be recognized for who you are and what you can do – but your work will convert into more profits too!



Let’s face it Aquarius, last week wasn’t awful, but it could have gone smoother. Create yourself a schedule that covers both your work-life and personal. This will help you overcome that lingering worry that you are carrying with you from last week. You will find you’ll be taking your mind off of the things that are worrying you.

Keep your to-do list at hand and occupy yourself with it. And you may even be able to discover what’s bothering you. You will begin to see that it’s not the end of the world. And that there is nothing that you can’t handle! Stepping away from this worry and giving yourself a break will do you the world of good. You’ll feel refreshed and prepared with a solution to tackle it by mid-week.

This week, you’ll find that it’s full of little surprises. Celebrate every positive thing that happens! And by the time the weekend comes your worries will have faded and your act will be together once again. Once this has happened, more and more opportunities will start coming your way.



Pisces, prepare because a lot of important responsibilities are about to be thrown on you this week. And you may not be feeling ready to deal with them or even at all prepared. But as always Pisces, you underestimate yourself. You don’t see your talents in the way that others do, which can hold you back.

Use a recent new connection will help you to learn something new about life. And this is something you have to pursue. As this learning experience could help you build up the confidence that can take you to the next level.

But in honesty Pisces, the fact that you were trusted with this responsibility should be the only vote of confidence you need. They would not have trusted you with if they did not think you were capable. Remember that you can handle a lot more than you think.

In other news, this week may also bring you the chance to be more prosperous. This might come via a new job opportunity or from other sources like family etc. Take it seriously – it’s not too good to be true!



Are you ready for the weekend?



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