The Easy Way To Plan Your Week For Success

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We know that it’s a struggle figuring out how to plan your week. We’re all so busy, planning everything from social time to health goals and taking down frantic notes as we go. Hoping there was some kind of weekly plan template that would make the perfect week easy! That’s why we’re super excited to announce the launch of The Ultimate Week Plan.

We’re developing a stationery line specifically with Career Girls in mind, and The Ultimate Week Plan will definitely make your life easier. This minimalistic A4 desk planner has 100 sheets to keep your life organized for 100 weeks! With weighted 100gsm paper and an easy-to-use design, it’ll make sure you’re on top of absolutely everything.

How to plan your ultimate week

Start on a Monday morning and fill out your dream week. Everything you have planned from gym classes to meetings can go in the boxes, with enough room for everything.

If you need to go in more depth you can fill in the notes section, use it as a scratch pad and keep track of things to remember. Everything from phone numbers to little reminders can go there – and it’s the perfect size for post-it notes if you’re a fan.

Next, fill out your top goals and to-dos. You can use the Top Goals section to figure out what you really want to achieve this week, and the To Do’s section to figure out exactly how you’re going to do it. Break your goals down and it’ll be so much easier. Find out more here.


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