6 Planner Hacks And Tricks You Need To Know

Now is the best time to plan your year. With December only a day away, the year is drawing to a close and it’s time to start reflecting. What went well in 2018? What can you improve on and what goals do you want to set yourself next year?

Before you need to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions, start to plan your perfect year now. You can use the Goals 2019 Diary to get ahead of next year and smash your goals in the last month of this year – there are a few planner hacks and tricks you can use to stay on track and make sure that your yearly planner is really working for you to help you be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.


When filling in your monthly spread, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the events, to-dos, deadlines and more you’ve got coming up. If the entire page is written in black pen, you’re less likely to see what’s on it and stick to those deadlines. This might not seem like a huge improvement but lawyers are trained early on to use colors to make their notes come alive, US senior analysts and intelligence officers also know the power of using visual elements in their notes to ensure that they are efficient and easy to keep track of.

Color code your personal deadlines and events, and work deadlines and events. If you have bills due or payments to remember, keep track of those too with a different color. You can simply circle the date if you want to keep your monthly overview looking tidy, or color in the section and create a key on the right-hand side. This will help you know exactly what’s what when you’re planning your month.


We often forget that our planner doesn’t have to be two dimensional, you can add quotes, notes, papers, and more to your Goals 2019 Diary to make sure that the really important things stand out.

It’s easy to make a note of all the little things and forget those really important deadlines and reminders sometimes, which is why adding a piece of paper of a different color or a post-it note can really help you to focus and remember everything you need to do. You can also add tape to your pages to mark out important days, leave, or vacations



Planner stickers are a great way to make sure your days are themed. You can add a fitness related sticker to remind you that you have to work out after work. This is a great way to make sure you stay on track with your day. You know what you need to do from breakfast meetings to sending an email because you’ve made it visual and planned it out.

You can plan the entire week at a glance and use your stickers to block out times.


One massive hack for any daily plan would be to plan your day by the hour. This is a huge time management trick that will stop you from getting stuck into the details of a task and looking up, only to realize it’s almost the end of the day. That’s the reason why the Pomodoro method is so popular. You essentially set a timer and plan your day in 30-minute increments which increases and encourages productivity.

One excellent benefit of the Goals 2019 Diary is that you can plan your day by half-hour or hourly segments, this means you’ll stay on top of absolutely everything you need to do throughout your day.


Another great planner trick is to theme your days. When you’re planning your entire week ahead, you need to think about what it is you’re actually going to be doing. A trick that Google employees swear by is time theming, they plan their week first by energy level. For example, maybe Monday is a low energy day, and Friday is a high energy day. That way, Monday is better suited for low energy tasks like emailing, creating documents etcetera, and Friday would be a good day to do something energetic like shoots, interviews etcetera.

Plan your week by expected energy levels and slot your tasks in to follow that, you can then change it week by week until you’ve themed your time perfectly.


Finally, you can’t stay on top with your daily and monthly plans unless you have an in-depth to-do list. The Goals 2019 Diary will allow you to create a short overview of to-dos and goals you need to achieve in the month or week, but in the back of the diary, that’s where your to-dos need to come alive. 

The layout of the to-do page allows you to continuously tick off your daily, weekly, or monthly to-dos, you can use the page however you please but it’s really important to make an edited and realistic to-do list. If you have a yearly planner, chances are there’s not much room for a realistic (long!) daily to-do list, which is where the Goals 2019 Diary differs. All you have to do is flip to the back and keep a note of your achievements and all the things you’ve ticked off in the last few hours. This will help you stay motivated and massively on track.


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