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3 Planners For Productivity You NEED To Add To Your Wishlist

Yes, there are some productivity planners that can help you upgrade your daily life. When you take a look at the productivity hacks of the most successful women, they all have a few things in common. These ladies start early, stay organized, and schedule their time to ensure they’re able to make the most of every single day. 

Even if you already have your own solid routines in place, it’s never a bad idea to periodically hit refresh on your daily success habits to boost your productivity. With that in mind, here’s a checklist with a few of our current favourite productivity planners to help you continue to get and stay ahead!

Step 1: Productivity Planners

Getting Stuff Done Planner

If you’ve never taken an inventory of your time and where it’s going, that’s the first place to start.

For the next 2-3 days, note every minute of what you’re doing – Zoom meetings, phone calls, meals, even bathroom breaks, and random conversations. Logging your activity for a baseline can help you determine where your time is being wasted – and help you fix it. You can use a desk pad to make this super easy, grab a daily productivity planner like the Getting Stuff Done Planner, and make a note of everything you’re doing and where your time gets spent.

Getting Stuff Done Planner


For Calmer Days


Croc Daily Agenda


Step 2: Identify Your Focus

The Project Book will help you finally get a handle on your day. Use the Project Section to divide your day into clear projects you need to work on and combine it with the timed to-do list to break it down even further into time slots and stay on track. 

Step 3: Start getting productive!

Check your to-do list and review your 1-3 most essential tasks. Take note of anything you might have missed and jot it down for the next day. The 2022 Diary, with its user-friendly layout, will help you avoid scheduling overwhelm and stay on track of all your daily goals. 

Have a productivity tool or resource you’re obsessed with and think we should know about? Let us know in the comments!

Fitness Planner


2022 Diary


Gratitude Journal



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