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Ever wondered how two best friends sat down together and created a world-dominating brand? Wanted to know how some brands have millions of followers? Or how Pop + Suki got Lady Gaga to wear one of their bags? We sat down for a chat with them at BeautyCon to find out how Instagram helped them create their super successful accessories line.

photo: Pop & Suki


I have to say I’ve always loved fashion.

And I’ve always loved handbags and accessories, probably more so than just clothes because once I find a bag I like, it’s with me for months. So it was a real dream come true to create something I will have with me the whole time. – Poppy


I set up my first company when I was 15.

I used to make hot pants for my school and put the school name on the bum, and I loved doing that. I honestly think that if you can use the environment you have around you, whatever club you’re in or community you’re in, there is so much opportunity to create small businesses. Sorry, I’m being really sexist, but I do think that girls have a way better eye for. So yeah, use your girl power and your communities, to create lots of different businesses. – Poppy


photo: Pop & Suki


We had a lot of help putting together a business plan.

We were fortunate that our co-founder, this was his third business, and we had a lot of help putting together a business plan, so when you’re raising finance, there are loads of materials online that you can look at and you can copy business plans.

But I suppose the best advice I ever got is ‘what’s your mission?’ and ours was to create girl power in an accessories line. I think that there are a lot of resources out there, especially for young entrepreneurs, and also I think the best thing when you’re thinking about creating a business plan and financing is to try to find a mentor in that industry. And email people and reach out to people, you’ve got a CFO, a chief financial officer, a CMO,  a chief marketing officer, there are lots of different jobs, within a business that are really the core to a business succeeding. – Poppy




As we all know Instagram is kind of important.

When you’re just launching something, if no one hears about it then, it’s all a bit sad. We sent out these bags to a bunch of girls that we knew, some incredible actresses, models and singers, and we had no idea if they’d received it or, you just don’t know. You just kind of pray and hope that they like it, and the people that actively use their platforms to support us, nearly made us cry. – Poppy

We were shocked like we nearly had to be whisked away by an ambulance, sometimes. When we saw Lady Gaga wear our bag we nearly died. – Suki

When you are building a brand, again, I think this is one of the best things we’ve learnt, was how do you keep it simple and effective, because it is so easy to go ‘Oh I know, but we kind of like pastel blue, why don’t we just put a pastel blue picture in there?’ and you’ve got to be like ‘No. Pink only!’ – Poppy

Eva Chen taught us quite a lot . . .

I went to the Instagram and Facebook offices in LA, Eva Chen taught us quite a lot about aesthetics and like what works a lot, like people really respond to a picture of a great outfit with a palm tree behind it, or even if you’re in London, with the Big Ben behind. People love locations, with fashion. She also taught me that people also love those lifestyle things, like a picture of a coffee cup, and a book, and a few things like that. So it was interesting to learn things like that. – Suki

‘If my social media was to actually represent exactly what’s going on in my head right now it would look completely different.’
In terms of social media, if my social media was to actually represent exactly what’s going on in my head right now it would look completely different. There might be a picture of me, you know, crying. It’s not really a clear representation. It’s very edited, obviously, as everyone’s is. And even if you are the most beautiful person ever, some of the most gorgeous girls I know are the most insecure. – Suki

I think that as Pop and Suki gets bigger we have a ton of plans to integrate lots of stuff into our work, and we’re gonna work with the kind campaign, and I think the best thing we can do is to have a strong friendship ourselves and put out a positive message. – Suki


photo: Pop & Suki


We’re about girl power!

We’re about girl power, and I suppose that’s what’s been so great about starting our brand is that we can have girl power with us the entire time because it really was just two girls that didn’t really know what they were doing and just powered on through! – Poppy

When we see people wear the bag, and everything, that gives us the biggest joy ever! – Suki

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