How To Be Positive About Success No Matter Your Background

I don’t need to explain to you how awesome Friday nights are or lazy Sunday mornings. For most people, Monday means work and an alarm clock going off. For me, I see Monday as a clean slate, a fresh start and yet another attempt to lose 5 pounds. (How many times have I said I’ll start new Monday?!) Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, read our article on how to never have a bad day again and then watch this inspirational TED talk about how Michaela DePrince focused on her success even in dire circumstances and ended up achieving her dreams.

From ‘devil’s child’ to star ballerina: Michaela DePrince’s Ted Talk 

Ballerina Michaela DePrince is a truly inspirational woman, and she is only 21. Born in war-torn Sierra Leone with a skin condition called vitiligo, she was named the devil’s child. After the death of her parents, she was placed in an orphanage and continued to be judged for her skin. Her life wasn’t roses, it wasn’t perfect and it really puts into perspective some of the things we take for granted like shelter and a loving home, but for Michaela, the hand she was dealt as a child made her the person she is today.

While she was in the orphanage she discovered a magazine with a picture of a ballerina on the front and from there she knew what she wanted to be. Eventually, Michaela was adopted and found a love for dance, she pursued her passion despite the nay-sayers and ended up joining the Dutch National Ballet. Her main ambition was to prove people wrong and follow her dreams, and she did so by publishing her first memoir “Taking Flight: From War Orphan To Star Ballerina”, she’s become something of a celebrity now, proving that no matter the hand you’re dealt you can always carve a new path for yourself.

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  1. This was awesome inspiration! At times we complain about the smallest things and then read about and see something like this..Thank you for sharing this story of overcoming obstacles..she has been through far far worst than many and STILL achieved her dream!

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