The Post-Vacation Detox That Will Help You Get Back To Work

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A vacation is an ultimate break from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a chance to relax, forget your worries and escape routine for a little while. But then, just as quickly as it begun, your vacation is over and reality hits. However, you’re still in holiday mode, which means getting back to normal can be a struggle! You’re out of routine, the over indulgence has made you sluggish and everyday tasks seem near impossible. The solution? A post-vacation detox of course!

1. Cook homemade meals

Vacations are all about all you can eat, trying local cuisine and having absolutely no clue how many calories you’ve consumed! After all, it is a vacay! That being said, this isn’t a lifestyle that can be maintained. So, now that you’re home, focus on cooking again, using ingredients you are familiar with and controlling portion sizes. This will help your recovery from over-indulgent holiday grub fast!

2. Give yoga a go

Chances are you have had some unusual ingredients on vacation. Whilst it’s great to try new food, it’s more than likely that you will be experiencing a post-vacation bloat. That’s where yoga comes in as a helpful little detox tool. By focusing on your breathing and stretching your muscles it’s a great way to relax and ease any tension. This will help you feel completely cleansed and refreshed. You could even give Bikram a go too for even better results!

3. Increase your veggie intake

Post-vacation flu is a real struggle. The exhaustion, travel and change in temperature can easily make you feel a little worse for wear. To combat this quickly you will have to eat foods that fight the chances of these negative effects. You can do this by ensuring your diet is packed full of vegetables (yes, that easy)! Not only will the added fibre help detox your body, but your health will be kept in check too.

4. Stick to water

Cocktails, fizzy drinks and juices are inevitable on a vacation. But, whilst they are perfectly refreshing in the sunshine, they can easily cause bloating and weight gain if they become a daily habit. Counteract this by drinking plenty of water, this will ensure that your body is free of any leftover holiday-toxins and will get you back on track much quicker.

5. Get lots of sleep

Whether it’s jet lag, lots of late nights or hours of travel it’s more than likely you will be exhausted after a vacation. We’d love to sleep for weeks, but it’s usually straight back to work with no time to catch up on beauty sleep. So, you’re going to need to bounce back fast! Sleep will be your best friend! Make sure you get your eight hours, even if it means going to bed earlier than you usually would! It will help your body recover and restore those much-needed energy levels! And voila, you’re ready for work in no time.




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  1. This is such good advice. I never think about any of these things when I come back from vacay..


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