The Power Of A Hashtag: How Tweeting Could Land Your Dream Job



Nowadays, virtually everyone you want to know can be found on Twitter. Social media has broken down traditional barriers, making access to recruiters and companies a lot easier than it may have been say, 20 years ago.

Today there are around 320 million of us on Twitter. I know it’s hard to see that number and fully grasp how many people that is, so imagine the total number of people who would make up 40 New York cities. That’s the reach of the social network we’re talking about. So, how you narrow your search is extremely important. Enter, the power of a hashtag.

Start by following company insiders

Following the leaders of companies you admire and people who are working your dream job will give you the inside scoop on what’s important and top of mind for their organization. This gives you the opportunity to later showcase areas where your strengths and expertise align.

Get a professional handle

If you haven’t done so already, get a separate, work-related Twitter account set up with a professional handle and start building your network. Or use your personal account but make sure you’ve figured out how to stop anything incriminating popping up. Check out our article on building your own personal brand in order to get a job.

You never know what a tweet could lead to 

Huffington Post ran a story about Sarah Alvarez, who got her first job after tweeting about Nutella. So, using it to its full potential and tweeting influencers and companies can lead to so many things! There’s always a person behind every brand account. Why not read our article on career investments that cost less than a coffee to see what else could lead you to your dream job?

Follow the hashtag trail

You need to follow those hashtags, girl. Try #job, #jobopportunity and #jobopening if you’re looking for a career opportunity. #Freelance is good if you want to look for something you can do part-time or at home, #hiring and #nowhiring are also good for finding job openings and companies that are hiring. It’s not just Twitter, Snapchat is great for your business too – read why here.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! I never thought it would be possible to get a job through twitter

  • Elise

    Great post! Twitter is a powerful tool. X

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