Power Woman Of The Week: Olivia Palermo

What would International Women’s Day be without a power woman of the week. This week we dive into the life of Olivia Palermo, a hardworking fashionista by heart, daughter of real estate developer Douglas Palermo and married to  German model Johannes Huebl. 

“Bad things can also be good if you look on the bright side.” – Olivia Palermo

She is on of the biggest style icons of our generation. Born in Greenwich and raised in the Upper East Side, this beauty broke onto the scene with popular TV program ‘The City’. Nowadays she runs her on website oliviapalermo.com, does several collaborations with designers and is New York’s #1 it-girl.

Palermo attended the American University in Paris, studied Media at the New School in New York, did an internship at DvF and later ended up at Elle magazine, which we all saw in ‘The City’.

Palermo does several charity project in the US and internationally. Currently she is ambassador for the Maasai Project and she used to be a member of the Friends Committee of New Yorkers For Children and joined the committee of Operation Smile.

Not everyone loved her on ‘The City’, but we all have to admire her hard work and dedication. She is still growing and Olivia already turned into an ambitious, young power woman who showed us that working hard and following your dreams will get your where you want.

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