How To Prep Your Meals When You Don’t Have Time To Cook

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We all love it when we have prepared a meal ourselves, but we don’t always have the time to make one every night. This can prove challenging on our quest to lead healthier lives, which needs time and preparation. Don’t feel disheartened, having it all takes a lot of work. So, if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to enjoy a healthy, home-cooked meal seven days a week, then look no further Career Girl Daily is here to save the day… again.

1. Pick a day

Make one day of the week your grocery prep day. Plan your meals and take one day in the weekend to do your grocery shopping and freeze what you don’t need. It really helps to be organized enough and know which day you’re buying the ingredients for your meals. And make amendments to recipes so that you’re overcooking. For example, if I know I’ll be staying late one day in the week I’ll make extra dinner on Monday and freeze it. Then I can use it as lunch or dinner for the busy day.

2. Go to the grocery store with a list.

The day always starts off with the promising belief that the diet changes today for good! But, before you know it lunch has arrived, and your back at your desk with your quick nibbles that satisfy your hunger craving. So, planning your meals is key. Planning what you’re to eat tomorrow is key, rather than buying impulsively in the store.

First, you need to figure out exactly what you need for the recipe you want to try, and check exactly what you have in your cupboards (trust me on this last one; not checking has led me to have four bags of flour in my tiny pantry!).

3. Make use of the time you have

Looking at your time now, it probably seems like you have none. And when your careers can be pressing, all you want to do when you get home is chill. We get it, but be realistic about your time. If you find you got a few extra hours in the evening, or the weekends, that’s when you should be taking advantage of your extra cooking time! But don’t try to fit huge cooking projects in during half an hour. Don’t worry, we’ve got some healthy meals that take less than half an hour you can make right now!

4. Embrace the Tupperware!

One downside of making a large amount of food at once is having to eat the same thing every day for a week at a time. Avoid this trap by freezing one meal sized portions and save them for later. You can even use Ziplock bags in the freezer to freeze meals and take them to work, all you have to do is microwave the ingredients.

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What are your tricks for planning your meals?

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  • dreamofadventures

    I’ve started prepping a few meals on sundays before the craziness of the week begins and I’m so glad I started to since weekdays are so busy and I rarely find time to make food