4 Laptop Essentials You Need Right Now


A laptop is a basic essential for every modern day Career Girl. Undoubtedly practical yes, but the little tool has plenty of ways that it can be fun too. It may seem like just another gadget, but like anything that goes alongside you it should be nothing but stylish. You may not have put much thought into how your laptop is accessorized, but with this collection of beauties you are guaranteed to start.

Stylish satchel

Having to transport a laptop can be an absolute nightmare. Sure, in the movies carrying one under your arm looks cute and chic, but in reality you’ll be holding it awkwardly as it slips down your side. With both a short and long strap, this Kate Spade bag is not only a practical way to get from a to b, but a stylish one too.

A motivational mousepad


It’s probably not something you’ve put much thought into, but there’s no reason why an essential can’t be fun too. While you’re slaving away, putting in the work to break into the career girl you are destined to be, this Field Trip mousepad could be the extra bit of motivation that you need.

Some sassy speakers


Styling your laptop is easy; styling speakers is not. There’s no need for practical to be boring, and it definitely isn’t with these polka-dot beauties. Bluetooth as well, just in case you couldn’t justify a purchase purely for how cute it is.

A chic case

Chances are your laptop is your life, and despite being told a thousand times, it’s probably not completely backed up. The point of a laptop is to be transported, but that opens up to a whole lot of dangers. With this Marc Jacobs case you’re going to want to take it everywhere you go, and you’ll be able to with it’s generous cushioning.

So there you have it, the device that you cannot be without can finely match your flawless style after all.

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