The Drink Menu You Need For Perfect Skin


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Most of us love to slather our skin in a million products, but how many of us manage to care for our skin from the inside out? To achieve true skin goals, we need to be mindful of how we nourish ourselves from within. Simple (and much more affordable), reach for a glass of hydrating goodness to unlock glowing skin that radiates health and beauty.

According to Dermatologist Dr. Nazarian, the secret to your best skin is in what you sip. Not the drinks menu you might find on a Friday night after work, but instead one your skin is sure to thank you for. Dr.Nazarian swears by not one super drink (all though that would be nice) but a flow of liquid goodness throughout the day. For glowing, youthful skin stock up on the following liquid essentials and get slurping…

Throughout the day
It’s hardly breaking news that drinking enough water is key to pretty skin. By drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day you will cheat your way to plumper looking skin by optimising skin elasticity giving your complexion and body ‘bounce.’ The easiest step to achieve – simply keep a water bottle with you and keep tabs. Why not try out our water hacks for reaching your hydration goals daily? See: The Drinking Water Hacks That Will Become Your New Addiction.

In the morning
Try to avoid the caffeine crash that comes with your morning latte, and opt for two clean green teas instead. A simple swap that will help with redness and inflammation and is packed to the brim with skin-loving antioxidants.

In the evening
Put down the rosé, and reach for the pomegranate juice instead (you can pretend it’s wine). A secret super juice, this berry drink is packed with collagen-producing anti-oxidants and polyphenols (more than double that of green tea). This means less wrinkles and fine lines and improved skin tone.

Before bed
One glass of cucumber-infused water will finish your daily skin treatment with an extra kick of vitamin and mineral infused hydration. Made of 90% water, popping a few slices of fresh cucumber into your glass of water will plump your skin and nourish your complexion and body overnight. Filled with magnesium and potassium, a glass of infused goodness will care for you deeply from within, helping to maintain the ideal alkaline pH level of your skin and decrease inflammation.

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  1. So would even a few slices of cucumber be enough potassium and magnesium to make a difference? I’m curious!

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