The Top Six Ways to Prevent Damaged Hair

Prevent Damaged Hair
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Everybody wants luscious shiny hair. Some girls are just blessed with a thick head of hair, others know the tips and tricks to make their hair super shiny and healthy. For most of us, shiny hair like Kate Middleton’s is a dream.

Everyday styling and processing could be damaging your hair and weakening your chances of getting luscious locks, here are some of the top hair mistakes we all make and how to fix them fast!

1. Hot showers 

Everybody loves a hot steamy shower. If it’s cold outside, our natural instinct is to turn the tap up just that little bit more. But hot water damages your hair, your hair becomes easier to break and hot water will weaken the hair roots which means it comes frizzier and falls out a little easier.

The fix: Wet your hair with warm water to open the pores in your scalp for cleansing and after lathering your hair with shampoo, rinse with cold. If you really can’t bear to get your body cold, sit in a hot bath and use a jug of cold water. It’ll seal the cuticle, improve blood circulation and saves your hair from frizz!

2. Too much shampoo

Shampoo habits are different for everyone. But there is a wrong way to shampoo your hair. If you find yourself shampooing the ends and regularly wondering why your hair is dry and damaged, you could have product build up. It’s recommended that you shampoo the scalp only.


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The fix: Firstly, make sure you’re gently massaging the shampoo into the scalp only, and try to avoid shampoo with silicone as it builds up over time on the hair. If you regularly use products that build up, use a clarifying and purifying shampoo to remove all the product from your hair and give you shiny, healthy locks.

3. Tight ponytails and topknots 

Tight ponytails and topknots look cute, but if you’re doing them often, they can cause breakage and even baldness. That’s because the tight elastic puts stress on the hair and cuts into the hair shaft, at best causing fraying and breakage, at worst causing bald spots.


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The fix: Let your hair rest for a while, keep those tight updos for special occasions. If you absolutely need to put your hair up, try using an invisibobble. It’ll reduce the stress and damage on your hair, stop headaches, and get rid of that annoying kink you get in your hair after putting it up.

4. Too much heat 

Heat styling is the fastest way to get super straight or super curly hair. And we are addicted to our heat tools. The problem is, heat styling damages your hair. We all know that. I once had to have inches cut off my hair thanks to dyeing and straightening it. But luckily, there are ways to overcome heat damage.

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The fix: Use a daily hair repair treatment like Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair to restore the moisture in your hair and stop breakage. If you’re insistent on using heat tools, go for regular trims to remove split ends and use a damage reducing straightener like the L’Oreal Steampod, which will straighten your hair with steam rather than heat and protect it from serious heat damage.

5. Brushing your hair wrong 

Brushing your hair vigorously or when wet can damage your hair too. Detangling from the roots is a bad idea as well, but we’ve all done it. Think back to a time where you dragged the brush through your hair violently. It’s easy to do, especially when you’re in a rush.


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The fix: Invest in a good brush, one that will help restore and protect your hair. Spending money on a brush may seem like a non-essential, but if you want perfect hair, you want one that will exfoliate your scalp, won’t make your hair oily or greasy and won’t damage the individual strands. If you want to detangle your hair, use Moroccan Oil and gently bring the comb through your wet hair.

6. Using too much product

Product build-up presents a specific set of symptoms, so if you have a dry or itchy scalp, heavy hair that you can’t style well (i.e it won’t curl or straighten easily), greasy hair or hair with an unwanted tint (particularly in blonde hair), you’re using too much product. The products you’re putting in your hair are weighing it down, for people with blonde hair, using too much purple shampoo will give your hair a lilac tint. This is how you know you’ve used too much and need to cleanse it.

The fix: You can use a clarifying shampoo, or you can do an at-home apple cider vinegar rinse. Get an empty spray bottle, and mix apple cider vinegar with water inside it. Spritz it through your scalp and comb it through the ends. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then shampoo with a clarifying shampoo. It’ll rid your hair of product residue, you’ll see an instant difference.


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  1. Thank you for the tips, i think they are really useful!!

    Carolina ;)

  2. Great list of tips! Especially in the winter months where I notice my hair becoming very delicate

  3. Nope–I never did anything you listed here, still I’m suffering -It’s gonna more worse -day by day…what should I do..any more ideas ??

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