How To Be Productive Even When You Feel Overwhelmed

credit: Chronicles Of Her


Everybody feels overwhelmed once in a while, especially at the end of the year when deadlines are fast approaching and gifts need to be purchased. It’s totally normal, nothing to worry about. But it can seriously dampen your productivity levels.

Luckily there are smart strategies you can put in place to kick your productivity levels in the butt and get as much done as possible. Here’s how successful people stay productive in times of stress . . .

1. Start the day with some movement
“Get yourself into the right frame of mind for the day by moving around first thing. Some leaders exercise first thing but if you can’t do that just go for a walk around and get moving rather than going straight to a meeting or sitting at your desk. Movement stimulates all the positive brain chemicals and some leaders report the effect can last all day.” Psychotherapist Karen Meager, co-founder of Monkey Puzzle Training and co-author of ‘Time Mastery’. 

2. Create a work wardrobe
“I only wear red and black for time management purposes. Everything in my wardrobe matches everything else which make getting ready for the day so easy and also makes packing for business trips super fast. My advice – pick two colors you love and deck out your wardrobe, it will save you loads of time mentally and physically.” – Eleanor Shakiba, Entrepreneur, and author of Difficult People Made Easy. Interviewed by Karen Meager for her new book.

3. Stay away from your desk if you can
“I don’t go straight to my desk. I spend the first hour checking in with people face to face, it gives me a good temperature check. Then I think through today’s priorities before even looking at my emails.” – Michelle Harradence, Onboard HR Manager P&O cruises. Interviewed by Karen Meager for her new book.

4. Remember why you’re doing this
“Most importantly, the desire to be successful spurs me to be productive. There are times when I just want to go home and do nothing, but it lasts all of a few minutes and I quickly remember why I am doing all of this. From a very young age, I have known that success doesn’t just happen, you have to earn it.” Hannah Evison, senior PR account manager and founder of Gypsy Wishes.

5. Plan your day hour by hour
“Approaching the working day with no real plan can leave important work forgotten and hamper productivity. Consider diarising time each day to reply to emails and make calls. For example, set aside two hours between 9am and 11am each day to do this, freeing up time later in the day to focus on other tasks. Go one step further and set aside blocks of time in the day to focus on key tasks – schedule an hour and stick to it.” Paul Sykes, Senior Managing Director at PageGroup

6. Use your time wisely 
“For me, the key to a productive day is an early start, utilizing the time in the morning before my commute to work. I usually wake between 5.30-6am and spend the morning catching up on emails, planning the day’s social media strategy and managing stock. I feel by getting a head start on the day when most people are sleeping, it not only means I am more likely to get through my lengthy jobs list, but it gives me the energy boost I need to then go and complete my full days’ work in PR.” Hannah Evison, senior PR account manager and founder of Gypsy Wishes.

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