How To Be Productive When You Have No Motivation


We’ve all been there. That lousy place where the thought of a glaring task is killing any motivation and you have to complete it. You have been scrolling on Instagram and TikTok most of the morning, daydreaming about your Summer holidays, but all this procrastination has led you nowhere. So what can you do to be more productive when you have no motivation?

Here are four steps to help you get back to work.

#1 Change your environment

Get up and go somewhere different. Even if you are crunched for time, take an elevator ride down to the lobby and back up again. You can also go for a quick walk or work from the nearest cafe. A change of scenery can change your state of mind.

#2 Get some exercise

If you aren’t working on a tight deadline, get your head back in the game. Even a brisk walk around your building can help you reset your perspective. We always seem to be saying this, because for us here at CGD HQ doing exercise actually makes us more productive and able to take on more tasks! It really works.

Getting Stuff Done


365 Days of Gratitude Journal


Classic Agenda


#3 Break larger or more difficult tasks into bite-size pieces

You have so much to do and you haven’t even started. That can be so overwhelming! Start small. Break your tasks down using the Getting Stuff Done Planner or Agenda and create a timed to-do list. Celebrate little milestones and keep at it, one little step at a time.

 #4 Give yourself a time limit

Set a timer and see what you can accomplish in 30 minutes. Put your phone away and keep only the tabs you need open on your computer. Keep your head down and work without allowing yourself to get distracted. It’s just 30 minutes. When the timer beeps, see how far you’ve come and feel good about the progress you are making. Take a quick break and do it again.


  1. God bless you girl for posting writing this post! I can’t find my motivation ever since I started 6th form but I’m trying to build it again bit by bit and I’ll use the tips you’ve given as a foundation. I’m starting to use the pomodoro techique which is similar to your time limit advice!
    Thank you Merci Dank u xx
    Tee x

  2. Thanks for reminder/tip #4. I used to be a dedicated user of the Pomodoro method. It really is effective for getting things done by using manageable time segments. Also, for whatever reason, I found that using an actual kitchen timer produced better results than using the timer on my phone or laptop. Go figure.

  3. Such great advice- I especially love exercise! Another one that really helps me is breaking a big task into smaller tasks- something about being able to cross something off the list is super motivating!

  4. Can’t tell you how much I agree with changing your environment. I have this when it comes to blogging a lot. I take my laptop down to my local coffee shop and write up a few articles while I’m there. I get all of this inspiration from just being around people!

  5. Good advice! The change of environment is often underestimated, but it can clearly change your view on some things! On the days I exercise, I am more capable of thinking out of the box and being creative. Can’t believe this actually works on me.

  6. Love these ideas! The lack of motivation has definitely plagued us all and procrastination has become a close friend. Definitely going to implement some of these next time I need to get something done!

  7. great advice! i recently started doing #4, it’s amazing when i make myself sit for an hour working, the time flies and i get so much done! sometimes i am so into my work i just continue working =o)

  8. This is just what I needed! I’ve just list 2 days to procrastination, thanks to this it won’t turn into 3! X

  9. These are some things I do when I’m feeling no motivation to do anything :) always works!

  10. This is definitely something I have been needing to hear.. I have been plagued by lack of motivation and no matter how much I tell myself to get up and go to the gym or get outside, I feel like I just can’t. It’s almost to the point where it’s depressing. Any ladies have any uplifting ideas to help? =(

  11. I couldn’t agree more with this post especially #2 getting some exercise. I’ll push myself but I also believe in a balance. In order for me to get refreshed I move around, do something different and usually that will spark motivation or even inspire me. Because in all honesty, you aren’t going to be so inspired if your head is only in the direction of your computer screen.


  12. Loved reading this, such great advice. I always struggle with motivation but I am a lot better than I was. Brilliant Blog.
    LisaG XoX

  13. Love this post, especially point number 2. Getting fresh air will definitely help your productivity, especially if you’re constantly indoors. I wrote a post similar to this from my own perspective, have read –

    freda lee x

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