How To Setup Your Desk For Maximum Productivity

Work can be stressful, that’s for sure. If you work from a desk that is packed with things, it will make you feel even more stressed. Sadly we don’t live in a world where you can order your work desk straight from Pinterest or TikTok to your room. But we have some easy tips on how you can set up your desk for productivity and less stress.

Get rid of things you don’t need:

No, you don’t need three pairs of scissors, four red markers, and the minion pen your sister gave you for your birthday. Try to be cruel and throw away everything you don’t need. The whole process of slowly getting rid of all the unnecessary things on your desk will make you feel more calm and more organized.

Stay minimalist:

Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by all the things lying around on your desk. So after you threw away all the unnecessary things, try to keep your desk minimalist. Your head will be pulled in too many different directions and you will get distracted if you have too many things on your desk. Always make sure you have your Daily Planner on your desk to become even more organised.

Make it homey:

Even though I just told you that you should narrow down the things on your desk. I think having personal things at your workplace makes it really calming. Have a picture of your family or your favorite flowers on your desk. So if you ever feel too stressed out you can lean back, take a breath and remind yourself of the happy things in life and that work is only work.

Color code your desk:

Try not to have too many different colors in your desk/office that don’t get along great. I don’t mean that you should ban all the colours (that would be depressing!). But try to think about which colors match and calm you down. The color theme on your desk will make it automatically look more organized and calming.



Getting Stuff Done Planner


Daily Planner


Stress Less Journal


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